The three major advertising awards alongside Cannes! ONE SHOW 2020 Awarded

by Sara Takahashi

everyone,ONE SHOW Have you ever heard?ONE SHOW is the most famous in the world in advertising, design, and digital marketing.CannesLionForClio AwardOne of the "3 major advertising awards" alongsideAward show.The trophy given to the winnerspencilIt has a shape and is called "pencil". 2020In the year2 from 71 countries around the world581 from among themofA pencil was sent. This time at this one showHere are some works that won the Gold Award (GOLD).


  1. Branded Entertainment: Gold Eva Stories
  2. Moving Image Craft: GOLD Bounce
  3. Film: Gold Moldy Whopper
  4. Creative Effective: GOLD The Tampon Book: a Book Against Tax Discrimination

1. Branded Entertainment: Gold
Eva Stories

Agency: K's Galleries / Tel Aviv + Leo Burnetttttttttttt Israel / Tel Aviv
Client: K's Galleries
Category: Branded Entertainment: Experiential / Live Events

What would you do if Instagram existed in the Holocaust era? The protagonist Eva Heiman is a 13 -year -old girl killed at the Auschwitz concentration camp in 1944. This work is an Instagram story created based on her diary that she left her daily life. It is a work that conveys the horror of the Holocaust to the current generation, and has a wish to never happen again. By using the Instagram story we use in everyday life, the holocaust's horror can be further conveyed.

2. Moving Image Craft: Gold

Agency: TBWA \ Media Arts Lab / Los Angeles + Pulse Films / Los Angeles + Framestore / Los Angeles
Client: Apple
Category: Branded Entertainment: Craft / Art Direction

The moment the male protagonist puts Apple AirPods, only his world will be a fun world like Trampoli. It seems that you use trampoli on walls, such as walking roads even in actual shooting! The song is also wonderful! It expresses the ease of movement without a code by the hero jumps. It is a commercial that created a worldview that makes people who are looking at Fantaji and want to experience it.

3. Film: Gold
Moldy Whopper

Client: Burger King
Category: Film: Online Films & Video / Short Form -Single

CM of Burger King, fast food chain store. It is a commercial that shows how the wapper burger is rotten, and does not use artificial preservatives for hamburgers. It is a very creative work that attracts people's attention by using freshly opposite mold for food advertisements.

4. Creative Effective: Gold
The Tampon Book: a Book Against Tax Discrimination

Client: The Female Company
Category: Creative EffectiveNess: Single Country or Region / Consumer / Brand

Similars are treated as a luxury tax (owner of luxury goods or taxes imposed on luxurious consumption), and 19 % of consumption tax, but consumption tax such as luxury caviar, truffle, and oil painting. Is 7 %, so the Female Company develops a dandelion tax to reduce consumption tax. By making the package a book, the consumption tax is 7 %! This book also includes messages calling for gender equality.

What did you think? This timeONE SHOW 2020We have introduced some of the GOLD awards, but there are many other wonderful works, so please take a look! I'm looking forward to the 2021 award ceremony. If you want to participate in the 2021 ONE SHOWHerefrom. The final entry deadline is March 26.


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