The theme design of SHOPIFY seen from the designer perspective! Explain from the type of section to the customization method!

by Mitsuaki Akatsuki

SHOPIFY has many designed themes, both free or paid, so you can customize the theme according to your request. You can use a theme editor to adjust the color screams, fonts, layouts, headers, footers, etc.

This time, from the viewpoint of the designer, I would like to summarize SHOPIFY's theme and customizability!

Shopify design customization

SHOPIFY is a global platform for EC store construction, featuring ease of use, abundant themes, and mobile -friendly designs. It has a high customizability, can expand its functions with apps and plugins, and has thorough security measures. It emphasizes beautiful design and user experience, and is also important to access with smartphones. SEO measures and marketing tools are also enriched.

If you have some knowledge of coding, you can build a customization of design quite a bit.

Customization of the theme

SHOPIFY allows you to create a custom page template that can apply different designs and content for each page. As a result, it is possible to create a layout tailored to different purposes, such as product pages, category pages, and contact pages.

By using the section prepared on the theme, it is possible to edit and modify with no code.

If you want to customize it even more, you can create an original section.

Places that can be customized with no code

Although it depends on the theme, the following parts can be customized with no code.

  • Image and text position
  • Color specification such as button/background color
  • Specification of font size
  • Blog title and tag display
SHOPIFY management screen

Section type

Shopify has many themes, and the design of the section differs for each theme.

From quite particular, simple, versatile ones, video embedding and blog displaying.

Here are some Dawn, a free theme of Shopify.

Slide show

Slide shows that allow multiple images are available on most themes.

SHOPIFY slide show section


Video can be embedded on most themes. There are display methods such as automatic playback by directly embedding YouTube or video.

SHOPIFY video embedded


You can call what you created on the "page" of SHOPIFY. It is a useful function, such as when you want to call the already created page on another page.

SHOPIFY page embedded

E -mail magazine registration

SHOPIFY allows you to use the e -mail magazine system as standard. You can insert the registration form of the e -mail magazine.

SHOPIFY e -mail magazine registration form

Convenient if you want to change the design! Added custom CSS

If you want to change the layout or design, you can add and change custom CSS.

1 Add Custom.css

The file is placed below.

Shopify> Edit the Code> Asset> Add a new asset

2 Read in Theme.liquid

Read the CSS created earlier in the following LIQUID into .

Shopify> Edit code> Theme.liquid

Since Custom.css is loaded over the entire site in the above, CSS can be described if there is an additional part you want to change.

You can also read JS in a similar procedure.

Read SHOPIFY Custom.css

You can also read CSS individually in the section.



SHOPIFY has a wide variety of themes, the design is modern, the operability is high, and the UI on the management screen is well made.

By combining the necessary blocks, you can build an online store easily and quickly.

If you want to create a more particular design, we have many cases of custom -designed site creation.

Please feel free to contact us!




A designer living in Chicago. Also in charge of coding. In Japan, he works for a web production company and is sensitive to the trend of the web industry.


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