The introduction article of Go Ride has been published in "LINE System window"!

by Kaho Okazaki

On October 20, 2023LINE system windowWe were described as our recommended LINE operation agency.


In this article, it is introduced as a recommendation for those who operate the SHOPIFY site.


Go Ride Co., Ltd. is especially recommended for those who operate the SHOPIFY site.Go Ride Co., Ltd. is a certified partner of the functional extension tool "DMM Chat Boost" that can be linked with SHOPIFY。 By implementing customer -responsiveness and marketing measures that lead to sales, the operation effect can be maximized.


It is also possible to request only SHOPIFY cooperation and initial settings, but there is also a plan that can leave all monthly operations. There is no need to worry about the design because it is made by a professional image.

Estimate consultation is free, so if you are worried about effective LINE operation, please consult Go Ride Co., Ltd.

If you are worried about using and considering SHOPFIY Plus, please feel free to contact Go Ride! →Contact Us


Kaho Okazaki

Account Manager/Designer

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