The hot spring of the Ashigara Service area Tokinosu 640 yen is a rest

If you are traveling from Shizuoka to Tokyo (up) from Shizuoka to Tokyo (up), you will often be congested from Ashigara to the Yokohama Machida interchange area. In such a case, I am worried about the hot spring Tokinosu in the Ashigara service area, but it is a report because there are many people who do not have the timing because the timing is not quite good. Price 640 yen I'll write it earlier


It is good for killing and nap until traffic jams are resolved, but it is not a super public bath that can be used for the purpose of traveling

is As expected, I can't shoot in a public bath, soHPExcerpt from a label imgbath01 I wonder if the bath has more space, and this is really the only thing. imgbath02 imgbath03 To be honest, the broken massage chair was left as it was, and it was not as beautiful as the picture. However, until the traffic congestion was resolved, I was tired of long -distance driving, so it was a facility to take a nap, so I think the price of 640 yen is quite good. I went every day when I went to Ise by surf lip beforeMitasu no YuI was surprised at the very high level! Wide, cheap and great! And it's good that it's not crowded like a super public bath in Kanto! SCREEN SHOT 2016-09-06 at 7.20.16 PM I went to Ise Collection & Ise for staying in a domestic version of the car If you have a 30km traffic jam to Machida, there is also a traffic jam to leave the service area of ​​the Ashigara, so in such a case, it may be good to sweat in the hot spring and do a nap and service area gourmet. Related article If you go to the service area, you want to eat this is Tomei, Shin -Tomei Service Area Gourmet

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