[TECH] SHOPIFY's Japanese setting and Japan -compatible apps

In Japan, there are many companies that create e -commerce sites in SHOPIFY, along with domestic and cross -borders. (reference:You can also have a Japanese EC site with SHOPIFY! Domestic case collection) In May 2018, we have summarized the use of information in SHOPIFY in Japan, which has become easier to use in Japan, making it easier to use the management screen.

Japanese language settings on the management screen

1. Open your account account. 2. Open the management account. 3. Select Japanese and press Save. 4. The management screen has been changed to Japanese.

The site in Japanese

1. Online store> Open the theme and select the action language. 2. Select and save the language by changing the language below the title.

Recommended app for Japan

Japan Order CSV
This is an application that outputs order information without garbled characters in a format that matches Japan, such as address information. Paid plans can output files for Japan Post, Sagawa Express, and FBA.
It briefly displays the available fees and methods for Japan Post when shipping from Japan to overseas customers. It can be used simply by installing the shipping fee on the store manually.
Just click the button to create a label for Japan Post. You can easily change or add information about the contents of insurance and tariffs.
Just enter basic information such as the size and weight of the ordered cargo, and create a invoice, invoice, and delivery note in just 20 seconds. In overseas shipping, DHL, FEDEX, UPS, international mail rates can be easily compared. Domestic shipping supports Japan Post, Sagawa Express, and Kuroneko Yamato. It can be linked to shops such as ebay, Amazon, and Rakuten.


I think that the complicated and troublesome delivery work can be done smoothly by using an app that is convenient. In addition, Japanese language is progressing more and more, and even those who are not good at English have been able to use it smoothly. I'm looking forward to future updates.
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