[TECH] 10 selections of fashion / e -commerce sites that incorporate Instagram on the site

by Tomoe Onishi
Using SNS, especially Instagram (Instagram), is becoming a mainstream in fashion and apparel -related companies. Japan Net Economic NewspaperWas released the 2017 "Fashion EC Sales Ranking". Almost all of the ranked companies operate Instagram, and some EC sites incorporate Instagram posts into their own EC sites.



World Online Store/World

http://store.world.co.jp/ Many EC sites are ranked in the top ranking EC mall type in which major apparel companies collect and sell their own brands. This time, we have gathered sites that are well -fascinated in the INSTAGRAM widget, including the company's site and one brand online store so that it can be used by small businesses and individuals.

Domestic site

WHIM GAZETTE/Wim Gazette (brand site)

http://www.whimgazette.jp/ Ladies apparel and miscellaneous goods brands that handle Ciaopanic and Gallardagalante. The Instagram section is widespread, and it matches the atmosphere of the site.

DEUXIEME CLASSE/Douzi Em -class (brand site)

http://deuxieme-classe.jp/ Bay cruise ladies brand that handles JOURNAL STANDARD, SPICK & SPAN. By placing it in 1/2 space, the layout of the variable grid is removed.

6/ROKU (EC site)

http://store.united-arrows.co.jp/shop/roku/ A major select shop, a brand designed by United Arrows. It is installed at the bottom of the page, and because the thumbnail is large, depending on the posted post, you can also fascinate like a look book or banner.

Adidas (EC site)

https://shop.adidas.jp/ Adidas official EC site. We are collecting images posted in #adidas hashtag.

Foreign site

MIUMIU (brand site)

http://www.miumiu.com/ PRADA second line brand. In addition to the POST of the model or Instagrammer worn or flat item, you can also make a collage or portrait style by daring to post a diversity.

Victoria's Secret (EC site)

https://www.victoriassecret.com/ U.S. underwear, fashion brand. A basic style that is simply installed at the bottom of the site.


http://www.jeanpaulknott.com/ Belgian fashion brand. Knott and Knott Men, which are working with Tomorrowland, are also available. At first glance, the unified posts with monochrome and rectangles do not look on Instagram and match the mode -like and mode atmosphere.


https://www.brixton.com/ Men's & Ladies' brand featuring music and street culture from California. The basic style that is displayed large at the bottom is compatible with the section that uses the image that is a trend of EC site in recent years ◎.


By incorporating Instagram widgets into the site, there are various advantages, such as acquiring customers and fans and improving branding effects. Click here for articles that introduce how to install widgets and how to install widgets Three ways to install Instagram widgets on the site for free A very compatible fashion apparel with Instagram. Why don't you use it as a promotion content by incorporating it into your own site?
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