Surfer scattered in Mexico dedicated to Adam Colmandeen Lucas

Traveling around the world, two people who loved the surf lip, the two people who were too early and cruel, and finally their friends from all over the world were sad and dedicated to condolences on Facebook and Instagram.
Here are some of them.
Adam and Dean are from Perth in Australia, a party animal Adam and a silent Dean combination.
The combination of the two began as a child, and both were relocated to Edmonton in Canada and worked for a long time.
I went to Mexico in 2014 with Adam and crossed again.
Adam's riding was a wonderful and supple, and was blessed with so -called hot talent.
I still clearly remember the unusual height of the air seen at Rio Nexpa.
Both of them loved surfing and traveling, and repeatedly saving money at work and going to surf lips.
And both of them had a beloved woman, and I was in such a tragedy at the tip of the arrow that I wanted to get married and calm down.
Both Adam Call Mandine Lucas have fallen into the bullet of a 33 -year -old Mexico drug cartel.
Adam small girls who woke up early in the morning, surfed and read books in a hammock told me about the Adam Surft Iroha that I fixed if my bicycle was broken and I was in trouble.
I went to Adam Erimrice with a one -way ticket, had only 50 pounds in my pocket, had a large heart that I accepted without any bias, with Dean, who spent a year on a friend's house sofa. Man.
In search of waves around the world, we have surfed North America, Central America, South America, India, Indonesia, Europe, North Africa, and the world.
Please see just a small part of their lively life.
One shot when going on this trip from the left Dean, Adam, Brat Adam Dean Brat I left for this van. CREW Adam with Flowers
ISRAEL Wedding The rightmost part of Adam is on Dean New Zealand at the rightmost part of the friend's wedding
Adam with Guitars Adam with beer
Adam sunflower Adam taking sunflower seeds
It is Adam who rides a big barrel at Mexico Pasquares.Adam Surf Big Wave machu pichu Adam and Deer Adam on the beach Adam_sleeping with cats
Adam Dean Brat, Adam, Dean Sunset
Dean Adam Tree Adam to pull in @ Nicaragua Adam Getting Barrelled Bahakarini Folnia Roskabosu The exact point unknown is a charter session for them. Beauty that loses words ADAM CAR Lip action before connecting to Dean round house Dean Ripping I'm thinking about whether Dean will go to the second round Dean Watching Dean front side air Dean Air
At Aeri Bath @VancouverDean Lucas Aerial
It is a hit like a Dean front side off -the -salip demon
Dean FrontSide
Dean and lover Josie
Dean and Josie
Dean and Josie2
Adam and lover Andrea
Adam and Andrea
Adam and Andrea3
The red board that the friend of the web designer drew an illustration is Adam.
Adam and Dean Illust
Adam Surf 3
Dean Morroco Morocco's sunset
Morroco Wave Morroco Wave2
Dean Morroco Phone
At two local Margaret Rivers
Dean Margrettt River
Dean in the middle of French Hoseego
Dean Spain
At Mexico La Ticla
Adam Surf in La Ticla
Adam Smile in La Ticla
Ticla Surf with Adam
Adam in Elsarvador
Adam and dean el tunco
It seems that Dean's father also went to surf with his son and his son, Dean.
My Mate, My Surfing Buddy, My Traveling Companion, My Son Dean Posted by Kevin Lucas ON Monday, November 30, 2015
Adsy .. What a lucky person I am to have be bee to to go to me brothers and to have to have a Role Model To look up to ... Posted by Holly Cattermole ON TueSday, Decementer 1, 2015
Completely Bereft at the Loss of Two Remarkable Friends. Adam and Dean You Will by Missed Unbearable by So Many ... Posted by Alison Hayes ON TueSday, Decementer 1, 2015
I'm Waited to the post this as in the slight hope that is just all horrree.i Never Thoutake. TOYO HIRASHIMA ON TueSday, Decementer 1, 2015
You Traveled This Planet in All Magic and Beauty, You Trooly Knewat What Mental to Live and My Heart Breaks for ... Posted by LOZ ZEE ON TueSday, Decementer 1, 2015
It is the lyrics of Miles Away songs. Beautiful Adam was my favorite song.
"And Our Minds WHERE MEANT TO SAILTAKE A REST from My Thoughts, Take from This World, and We'll Feel Feel Miles Away, from the PLACES THED TO BOU BOEDO e "posted by SARAH CATTERMOLE ON Monday, November 30, 2015
He made a song for Adam, and you can see that it is really loved by people around the world.
AS AS AS SMALL TRIBUTE TO THE LEGEND (ADZIE), I have Put Together a Song with the Help of some His Close Mates and ... Posted by Bob Mali ON Friday, Decementer 4, 2015
Words Cannot Descripe .... Have a Wonderful Journey My Friend !! Until Next Time .. Posted by Cynthia duran ON Monday, November 30, 2015
IN 4 an a haLf year last leaving Home a Countless Number of PEOPLE HAVE COME IN OUT OFE LEAVING THEIR MARK ... Posted by Mark ... Posted by Mark ... Posted by Mark ... Posted by Mark. RYAN WATTERS ON Sunday, November 29, 2015
I was privileged to be given this to look after by IMMIE The Last Day Was Back in Perth TODD ​​RALPHY ON Wednesday, decementer 2, 2015
I Find It Hard to Put Into Words I'm Been Going The Last Couple of Days --SO Many Emotions! I'mve Being ... Posted by LIAM OUDS ON TueSday, Decementer 1, 2015
I'll Always Remember Getting The Call at 2am that the Nortern Rights Were Out in CANMORE AND ARIDE WAS OND ATS WAY. TODD ​​HAMAM ON Sunday, November 29, 2015
Until the day we meet again .......... Thank you Legend! The board inherited from you will take care of it for a lifetime.
From the link below, you can donate them to send them to your home country. If you read this article and sympathize with their spirits, I would be grateful if you could donate any small amount. This money is used for travel expenses to Mexico and the transportation costs of their bodies. SCREEN SHOT 2015-12-03 at 5.39.57 PM

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