Surface review! Windows PC that I want to recommend to Mac users

I have been using an old iMac for many years, but since it was a matter of life and death, such as slow reading, I bought a computer! I have always liked Macs, but most of the world used Window, and I decided to have two Windows and Macs. So the Microsoft's "Surface Laptop" was better than expected, so I will list the reviews and the points to note and noticed.

What is Surface Laptop?

Surface Laptop official website Surface Laptop is a note -type computer released by Microsoft in July 2017. The design is a sharp appearance that changes the conservative impression of the Windows computer, and the color variations are four colors and all colors. I made a graphite gold because it was surprisingly calm. By the way, it looks like this when you shoot under the fluorescent light at home.

About specifications

Size comparison of the surface The size is about the same size as a general A4 clear file with a display of 13.5 inches. The official is 14.48mm thick, but the actual size is about 17mm to 10mm. I think the weight is 1250g and it is a general weight. Adobe products such as CPU Core i5, SSD256GB, and 8GB of memory can be used crispy. Of course, Office is also installed. The battery operation time is 14.5 hours. In fact, you can spend a day in full operation with the Internet Photoshop Office. The area around the keyboard is used for a luxury foreign car sheet, etc., and the PC is unusual for a PC to feel smooth. The specifications that are considered antifouling together with the keyboard will be cleaned and clean. There is also a keyboard backlight.

Good function

First, Windows 10, Windows HelloFace recognition functionIs convenient and troublesome login is very easy. What was good to use it afterwardstouch screenSo, you can operate it with a touch like a mobile phone or tablet. It is very convenient for me who is not good at trackpads. I think it is an effective function for people who are not used to PCs.

important point

Note that the standard is equipped with Windows10s, so if you leave it as it is, you cannot use Adobe products or Chrome. So if you need itWindows10 ProPlease switch to to. (Operation is easy and can be switched from the store.Free update until the end of March 2019can. (As of January 4, 2019)) another thingOne USB portThere is only. 。 I bought a USB hub just in case.


In addition, Surface has a series of Surface Book, Surface Pro, and Surface Studio. Other series also has a high degree of freedom, and has a wide range of support depending on the application and usage. In addition, accessories are also attractive, and Surface Dial, a mouse that can be transformed from an arch to a straight line, is an item that you want to use personally. If you want to know more, please also use the contents of this development secret story. As you know, the more you know, the more you know, the more you know, the more you know, the more you know, the more you know, the more you know, like the Mac, I think the concept and world view of the product are attractive evidence. If you are looking for a personal computer, why not try Surface as an option?

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