[Subscription plan function is updated] GO SUB | Subscription | Subscription update information!

by Mitsuaki Akatsuki

Subscription plan function is updated!

Subsque application for SHOPIFY "GO SUB | Subscription | Subscription".

Subscription planThere was an update about! I will tell you about the following updates.

GO SUB update information

  • Functions specified by numbers to the subscription plan
  • Plan explanation item added to the subscription plan

Additional function of the number specified

Discount rates for each number of delivery can be set, and discounts for each order for the first, second, third, etc. can now be specified!

  • example)
    First Order -10%
  • The second order -5%
  • Order from the 3rd and subsequent -No discounts You can set from the plan section of the Subscription Group's detailed page.

* If a customer under the contract adds or changes the product, or if the plan is changed, a new discount will be applied depending on the number of orders.

Plan A once a week regular flight
First Order -10%
The second order -5%
Order after 3rd time -Discount Plan B once a month
First order -5%
The second order -2%
Order after the 3rd time -No discounted customer contract history
Order 1 Plan A 10 % off
Change from Plan A to Plan B
Changed contract products
Order number 2 2%off
No discounts after ordering 3 or later 

Added plan explanation items to the subscription plan

Explanations can now be added to each subcrypron plan. A plan description is displayed under the plan name on the product page. 

You can add from the plan section of the subscription group details page. 

important point
The new feature should already be reflected in the theme that has already introduced the app block on the product page and the customer account page, so you don't have to do anything. If the app block is not introduced to the theme, the new function may not be displayed. In that case, it is necessary to re -introduce the asset to the theme. The method of introducing the asset again is as follows.

  1. Click "Install theme" from the menu of the app management screen.
  2. Please select the theme you want to introduce.
  3. At the bottom of the page, click the "Show Code Installing Method" button and click the "Install Asset to the theme" button to complete.

* Martunant with a specially customized go sub may require special response.

If you would like to work on re -introduction, or if you would like to do so on other themes and questions.Please contact us.




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