Stop the cart withdrawal! Privy & Spin to Win

by Marina Fujihara

I want to reduce cart withdrawal (basket drop)! I want to increase the number of e -mail magazine subscribers! The app I would like to recommend in that casePrivyis. By using PRIVY, you can easily add pop -ups to your EC site.

What is PRIVY?

PRIVY is an application that allows you to make pop -ups and roulette to present discount coupons. The design can be easily created by dragging and dropping. If you use Privy well,

  • Reduce cart withdrawal (basket drop)
  • Increase the conversion rate of first visit users
  • Increase the number of e -mail magazine subscribers

You can expect that. In addition, this pop -up allows you to set the target in detail, so you can use this app effectively by defining the target properly.

Example of PRIVY

Here are some of how to use Privy.

1. Display pop -ups to users who are likely to leave the cart (basket drop)

This campaign, called Cart Saver Campaign, is an effective approach to the first purchase user trying to leave the site with the product in the cart.

By displaying such a pop -up, the cart withdrawal rate can be reduced. Pop -up display triggers can be set in detail, so it's a good idea to set them as "users who try to leave the site with the product in the cart".
Have you actually purchased a product because you were attracted to such a pop -up?

2. Increase email subscribers with roulette (spin to win)

The roulette coupon campaign called SPIN to Win can be expected to enhance customer engagement. And you can set to enter information such as email addresses, so you can increase the number of subscribers in the email.

3. Campaign AB test

You can also do an AB test using PRIVY.

When conducting a coupon campaign, it's better to consider a strategy based on the basis. In such a case, let's do an AB test. For example, the effect of the coupon may vary depending on the target customer area, new customers or not. In addition, two different pop -up UI designs may increase or decrease the registered person in e -mail subscriptions.
Let's do a PRIVY AB test to perform more efficient marketing.

PRIVY has three plans, free of charge, $ 10, and $ 20, and can be tried for 15 days free. Why don't you try it?

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