Solution when a distribution error is displayed by SHOPIFY email

by Sasuga Tsutsumi

There are many stores that incorporate e -mail magazine distribution as a means of fans and customers. In the case of SHOPIFY, "SHOPIFY Mail" is often used. If you create a template that organizes information and designs through this SHOPIFY email, you will be very confused if you can not send it due to an error when distributed.

This time, I will explain the solution when an error occurs in the SHOPIFY email, so I hope that it will help everyone who is in trouble with an error.

What is SHOPIFY email?

SHOPIFY official MA tool. With SHOPIFY's basic features, you can only send emails to customers at a time. In order to send emails at once according to the list, you need to introduce MA tools such as SHOPIFY email.

The SHOPIFY MA tools are described in detail below.

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Have you ever seen this error?

SHOPIFY email error message

This error means that emails have not been sent to some or everyone in the distribution list. This is displayed when the distribution is interrupted by the batch process of "SHOPIFY Mail".

SHOPIFY email batch processing

If you send more than 1000 distribution lists at once, batch processing runs every 1000. If the distribution failure rate is high or the opening rate is poor, the function of stopping the subsequent distribution is set by default.

The distribution failure rate is about 5 %, and the batch processing is calculated as the first 1000 and the next 1000.

* Distribution failure rate = rejection number / number of transmissions

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The cause of the error is the distribution rate of the email

Not all, but most of the errors are email distribution rates. If you send an email without any settings, you may not be sent due to spam handling or security issues. In addition, the deficiency of the distribution list and the customer settings are also a factor in lowering the distribution rate.

There are various factors, but you can increase the distribution rate by setting as much as possible. Let's take a closer look at how to solve SHOPIFY email errors.

Is the domain authentication possible?

When opening a store, basically gets your own domain. In Shopify, when you create a store, a domain called "○○" is given, and this domain name is displayed in the address. Even if you send an email with this address, you may not be able to open or delete the address you have never seen as spam.

Therefore, it is necessary to authenticate the acquired domain with SHOPIFY.

Introducing how to set and specify a domain in the online shopIt is described in detail.

Display when DMARCIAN detection is successful

Once the authentication is completed, the DKIM settings have been completed,External siteYou can check it.

Enter the two input fields and click Inspect Dkim. If you can set it, you will see the result of "CONGRATATIONS".

Enter Domain: Domain name (https: // cannot be included)

Enter Selector: XXX._Domainkey XXX

Is the SPF record set?

The presence or absence of SPF record settings is also involved in the e -mail distribution rate. Add the following "TXT record" to the server you are using.

v = spf1 include: ~ all

* There is a site that introduces the following values, but now it seems to be targeted only in some areas such as Canada.

v = SPF1 INCLUDE: ~ All

In the case of a unique domain in SHOPIFY, it can be set by the following procedure.

Settings> Domain> Domain Setting-DNS Settings> Add Custom Records> Click Edit TXT records.

"@" is "@" and "v = spf1 include: ~ all ~ all

Is complete.

Does the distribution list include unused addresses?

If you migrate from other cart systems, you may include unused addresses. If there is a lot of addresses that do not exist in this way, the reach will be lower.

To check if the address is currently being usedThis external toolYou can check it.


In recent years, the number of spam emails has increased, so the security of the mail server has become stronger. When distributing emails, not limited to SHOPIFY, it is important to remember the settings that are equivalent to these security. Even if an error is displayed, if you know the logic and cause, you can respond calmly.

The e -mail magazine is very effective as a fans and repeat measures for its services. Let's aim to increase sales while cherishing the contacts with customers.

Go Ride Co., Ltd. not only builds a site using SHOPIFY, but also supports marketing using MA tools. Businesses who have built the site but have not increased sales are always easyHerePlease contact us!

Thank you for reading for me until the end!

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