[SNOWBOARD] Welby Transiver Bonx Scheduled to start shipment in mid -December

Source: Bonx, Tech Crunch Gadgets that can easily communicate with friends during action sports such as snowboards in the form of “wearable transceivers” are from Chikei, founded in November 2014.BonxIs announcedReservation and sale through crowdfundingStarted. The price of reservations is 15,800 yen per piece, and 14,800 yen per two pieces. The colors are four colors. Shipping is from the end of November to mid -December. I think that it is quicker to watch the video directly. It is very troublesome to separate with your friends when you are snowboarding. But if you have BONX, you can communicate in a completely different form. The founder, Miyasaka, was inspired by the founding story of Nickwoodman's Nickwoodman, "I want to shoot my surfing." 。 I hope that you will change communication during action sports. If it becomes waterproof, it can be used in surfing.

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