How to attach a label to the product with SHOPIFY? Introducing recommended apps! [SHOPIFY]

by Takushi Matsuura

Does your SHOPIFY site have the following labels?

Product View with Sale Label

If you can display labels such as "SALE" and "NEW" on the TOP page or product list page, it will be easier to reach the product details page.

However, many people may not know how to implement it.

This time, I will introduce the label app!

If you want to implement this function on the site, please take a look!

Recommended app

There are several apps that make the product label, but in this article

Fordeer -Product Badges & Labels"recommend!

Fordeer -Product Badges & Labels Instal Page

Fordeer -Product Badges & Labels

The recommended point of this app isfreeIt is a point that can be used.

Regarding speed, ease of use, and the merits of merchant (site operator)Acquired "Build for Shopify", which meets the highest quality standards of SHOPIFYIt is a very easy -to -use app because it is done.

Fordeer -What you can do with Product Badges & Labels

This app does not have any functions other than attaching the product label.

However, the function to attach badges and banners is also planned to be installed in the future, so please pay attention to the update information!

Fordeer -Product Badges & Labels Function Screen Shots

How to create label

Click the "Label" → "Create" button on the app management screen to display the customization screen of the label.

Fordeer -Product Badges & Labels LabelSetting
Fordeer -Product Badges & Labels Labels Labels Detail Setting

From this screen

  • Is the label displayed when the PC display/smartphone is displayed?
  • Image label or text label
  • In the case of image labels, upload images
  • In the case of text label, label shape, color, font
  • Label display position, size, movement

The settings are possible.

A large preview is displayed on the right side of the screen, so it can be set intuitively even for the first time.

Next, select the target product to be attached to this label.

It can be displayed by product tags and collections, so you can automatically add labels when new products are added.

Page to Select Which Products to Label

Finally, select whether to display the label on the TOP page, collection page, and product page.

Screen for selecting Which Page to Display the Label on

When all settings are completed, click the "Create" button on the upper right to complete the creation.

What did you think.

It is an application that can be used for free without any special skills such as coding knowledge, so please install and try it once!

Go Ride also provides consultation only for app -introduction support, so please feel free to contact us!



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