Industries and products with large sales in the cross -border subscs from Japan to the United States


In recent years, the “cross -border subscriber”, which provides products to users across countries and regions, has attracted much attention.

Various companies have entered and expanding the market size because they can acquire foreign users and have the opportunity to expand overseas.

However, some business operators may not know how to operate the cross -border subscriber and what products are popular overseas.

In this article, we will explain the overview of the cross -border sub -schools, the popular services, products, and the preparations and precautions for operating.

What is the cross -border subscriber?

Cross -border sub -school is a subscription that offers products across the border.

It is currently a fast -growing business model, and it is attracting attention for users because it can purchase items that are not in their own country and highly reliable Japanese products.

Popular cross -border subscase service in the United States

In fact, let's take a look at the popular sub -school service in the United States.

Here, we will introduce the service of "ICHIGO" Co., Ltd., which is a global subs service.

Sweet sub -skosque

Top border sub -skops for representative confections include "TokyoTreat", which has been provided since 2015. TOKYOTREAT is a sub -skop service that packs 15 to 20 kinds of sweets and juice and delivers on a regular flight.

In addition to famous sweets such as "kit cut" and "pocky", we also offer products such as taiyaki, gummy, carbonated drinks and cup ramen.

Another feature is that the contents of sweets that arrive according to the monthly theme, such as Valentine and Christmas, change. It is one of the most popular cross -border sub -skops, including 1.4 million boxes and more than 24 million Japanese sweets to 150 countries, mainly in the United States.

Japanese confectionery sub -school

"SAKURACO", which has been provided since 2021, is a representative cross -border sub -skoper.

SAKURACO is a sub -skop service that allows Japanese traditional Japanese sweets into full boxes and deliver them on regular flights.

In addition to Japanese sweets such as Daifuku and Senbei, we also offer tea and bowls, providing Japanese taste and culture.

It also handles products from long -established Japanese confectionery manufacturers, and is also characterized by providing full -fledged Japanese confectionery and transmitting local traditions and cultures.

Cosmetic sub -skosque

In addition to food, there is also a sub -service service for cosmetics and skin care products called "Nomakenolife." Nomakenolife. is a sub -skull service that packs 8-9 types of cosmetics and skin care products in Japan and Korea on a regular flight.

We also offer cosmetics such as lipstick and teak, skin care products such as facial cleansers and moisturizers, shampoo and soap for bathing.

In addition, tools such as makeup pouches and masks depicting Japanese traditional designs, it is gaining popularity among beauty -loving users.

Popular cross -border subscs products in the United States

What products are gaining popularity overseas?

Here are some popular Japanese products in the United States.


Japanese sweets have high quality and cute designs in the United States. Especially in the United States, chocolate confections such as "kit cut" and "pocky" tend to be preferred.

In addition, matcha taste sweets and Japanese sweets using red beans and bean paste are also popular as cultural sweets that can feel the emotions of Japan.

The reason why sweets are handled in cross -border subscriads is that they are products suitable not only for high demand but also for overseas shipping.

Since sweets are compact and long -term food, products can be delivered to overseas users without reducing the quality of the product.

For these reasons, the cross -border sub -skop service of sweets is gaining popularity.

Cup Noodle

Not only sweets, but also cup noodles are popular products in the United States.

Many users in the United States do not have bowls and chopsticks, and Japanese ramen was not eaten much.

However, when cup noodles, which are the container, appear in the United States, it gains popularity in the United States.

In fact, the typical cup noodles, Cup Noodle, exceeded 50 billion food worldwide in 2021.

In addition, the number of noodles is shortened according to countries that do not sip the noodles, and the number of cup noodles tailored to overseas users is increasing, such as shortening noodles in the United States.

In addition, cup noodles are a kind of preserved food, so it can be said that it is easy to handle with cross -border subscriads like sweets.

Japanese tea

Nippon tea contains antioxidant effects and is attracting attention in the United States, which is growing in health.

In particular, the export amount of green tea in 2022 is 21.9 billion yen, and the United States accounts for more than 40 % of the green tea exports.

In fact, the supermarkets are lined with green tea with plastic bottles, and the menu of the cafe has matcha, which is a food that has citizenship in the United States.

Based on these strong demand, in addition to the above -mentioned "SAKURACO", cross -border sub -skop service such as "Matchha Gurashi" provided by 80 & Company Co., Ltd. has appeared.

Japanese sake

Sake, which is a leading alcoholic beverage in Japan, is gaining popularity, mainly in the United States. The sake of sake is now a major presence that is now called "SAKE" overseas after the "Japanese food" was registered as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2013.

In the United States, in addition to brands such as "Dassai", which fits meat dishes, and "Otoyama", which fits Japanese food, brands such as "Hakkai", "Kikusui", and "Leopard wen" are also popular.

In addition, since it is delivered to the site with the quality maintained by refrigerated transportation, sake is easy to handle with a cross -border subscriber.

The cross -border sub -skop service dealing with sake includes "SAKEPOST" provided by Farm8 Co., Ltd.


In the United States, not only Japanese foods and drinks but also stationery are highly evaluated.

It is said that many overseas stationery are simple, and many are not so particular about quality.

In that regard, Japanese stationery is inexpensive but high quality and has a reputation for its convenience.

In addition, functionality such as a ballpoint pen that disappears and a stapler that does not require a core is also highly evaluated.

The cross -border sub -skull service dealing with stationery is "ZenPop" provided by Senmarket Co., Ltd.

Precautions of cross -border sub -skook management

There are some precautions in operating the cross -border sub -skop service.

Be sure to check it because there are some things related to legal problems.

Perform market research

Due to different cultures in Japan and overseas, because products are popular in Japan, there is no demand overseas.

Therefore, be sure to conduct a market survey and know if there is a demand for the products you want to sell.

By grasping the growth and size of the local market, you can determine the prospect of sales and the appropriate time to start providing.

It is also important to examine the entry status and sales of competitors.

If it is difficult to obtain information, on -site surveys are also effective.

Investigate local trends and conduct a questionnaire to the target audience to understand more detailed customer needs.

FDA authentication

It is an institution that is the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare in Japan.

If you export and sell the target products without obtaining FDA certification to the United States, you may not only be able to seize and prohibit the product, but also receive a criminal complaint. Don't forget to obtain FDA authentication and prove that it is an appropriate product that does not violate the Pharmaceutical Machinery Law or the Food Sanitation Law.

FDA authentication items include food, beverages, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, and radiation release devices.

In order to sell foods and beverages, the following procedures are required.

• Registration of manufacturing facilities

 • Designation of American agent 

• Display and English translation of product labels 

• Formulation of food safety plan 

• Preliminary notification

If the certificate of authentication is difficult, use the FDA authentication application service.

Response to ADA

ADA (Americans with Disabouties Act) is a law to protect Americans with disabilities.

Corporate websites are treated the same as public facilities, so if you are not specified by the disabled person, you may be sued by users.

If you have a low accessibility site, visual impairment may not be able to register for the cross -border sub -skop service.

In order not to lose the trust of the company, add subtitles to videos and prepare an alternative text of images to increase your accessibility.

If you want to know more about ADA, please check our article together!

Click here for articles about ADA

Preparation for cross -border sub -school management

Here, we will explain what is necessary for the operation of the cross -border subscriber. Understand the following preparations and proceed with internal adjustments smoothly.

Product preparation

Decide what kind of product to provide by referring to the needs and tastes of overseas users.

Not only secure the stock of the product, but also check what the product is treated under local law.

Understanding local laws, regulations, and business customs

Carefully check local laws and regulations so that you do not violate serious violations.

It is especially important to note that laws and regulations are frequently revised in China.

In addition, you can avoid troubles by checking in advance of local working style and manners of transactions.

Marketing strategy planning

The cross -border subscd is less costly than opening a store, but it will fail if you do not make a firm marketing strategy.

Be careful about how to use users, differentiation from competitors and prices.

It is also important to hire human resources who are familiar with the local area and create services that match local culture.

Decision of sales platform

If you provide a cross -border subscriber, you need to decide on a platform to sell.

The first is to launch your own site.

You can freely customize design and functions to launch a website yourself. Another advantage is that there is no sales fee.

On the other hand, it is difficult for users to flow in to launch a new site, and it takes time to monetize.

In addition, it is necessary to perform all foreign languages ​​and currency settings in -house. The second is to use mall -type EC sites such as "Amazon" and "Rakuten Ichiba". Because the site itself has a high awareness, it can be expected to have a large customer effect.

In addition, depending on the site, it will support functions such as foreign language support and currency setting.

However, the design is difficult to create uniqueness, and it costs costs such as store opening costs and sales commissions.

Understand each feature and choose a platform suitable for services and marketing strategies.

SHOPIFY for cross -border subscriber

There are many issues such as language, currency, and delivery of cross -border subscriads, but you can easily expand the subscriber to customers around the world by using Shopify.

SHOPIFY is compatible with more than 130 currencies and more than 50 languages, and can solve language and currency problems at once.

It also supports more than 100 types of payment methods, and can be selected according to target countries and users.

In addition, all over the cross -border sub -schools, such as setting shipping fees and calculating tariffs, can be used on SHOPIFY.

Use SHOPIFY, which has a convenient function, to succeed in cross -border subscriads.


Cross -border subscriads are attractive markets that can acquire overseas users while there are various walls, such as laws, culture, and languages.

In particular, Japanese culture and products are very popular in the United States, and you can expect large sales with cross -border subscriptions.

However, when operating a cross -border subscriber, be careful of American -specific laws such as FDA and ADA.

Please do not hesitate to contact us about the convenient GO SUB to make use of SHOPIFY, which is ideal for operating cross -border subscriages and to further grow your business.

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