Precautions for prize promotion in the United States 1099 final tax return

by Toyo Hirashima
Previously about EC promotion in USBFCM articleAs BFCM approaches as I picked up
I think that many so -called GIVEAWAY promotions that offer products and gift cards to enhance brand awareness (Brandawareness) in advance. There are many patterns that are used as a way to get to know the brand and to return to the site as a return customer at BFCM.

Woman Putting Ribbon in Red Gift Box Near Lighted Christmas Tree Inside Room

It is important to note here when giving a gift (GIVE AWAY) of a product of $ 600 or more a year (Give Away).
It is necessary for both companies and individuals to apply for 1099 (final tax return).

Wrapped Gift Box

Companies have an increase in the hassle of collecting and declared each individual SSN, etc., and the perceived person needs to declare.

For less than $ 600, there is no need to declare, so the simplest solution is to reduce the price of gifts to less than $ 600, but if you accidentally exceed $ 600 and have no filing, you need to be careful because there are penalties and fine. 。 For more informationIRS official website

Example 1099 $ 1000 equivalent LA Japan round -trip flight ticket

1099 here in JapanesearticleIs detailed

Create a fan in US, tell the story, and ask for the promotion to aim for HOLIDAY SEASON's CVR upHereto

One -stop offered from EC construction to advertising operation.