Popular in America! 5 convenient apps 2020

by Sara Takahashi

Among the many apps, Go Ride La office members will introduce useful apps that are often used in the United States and are useful for life. Some may not be well known in Japan!


A subscription -type app that allows you to easily reserve multiple different fitness gyms and lessons at any time.

As of June 2020, the gyms are closed due to the influence of the new colon virus, so you can participate in the online class, and you can watch 4000 exercises for free.

  • You can choose your favorite class from the category or location.
  • PopularManage various classes from Pilates to dance lessons, boxing, and yoga with one app.
  • Purchase credit and use it as a point.
    * In the case of LA, 27 credits are purchased at $ 49 for LA. 27 points can be used for various lessons.
  • The number of points required depends on the popularity of the class, time zone, studio type, location, etc. Also, if you book your favorite studio several times, the points may be higher.
  • If you cancel the class 12 hours before, there will be no cancellation cost.
    However, if you forget to cancel 12 hours before, the points will return, but it will cost you. The cost varies from country to country.
    (Example) $ 15 in the United States. $ 20 if you do not go to the class without canceling.

Traveling abroad is very difficult now, but it is recommended for those who want to come to the United States and move their bodies or try various gyms and lessons.


Personal shopper apps such as major supermarkets, drug stores, pet shops.

In the case of delivery, it will deliver the purchased multiple products at multiple stores, soYou don't have to do a ladder at a real store, and it will be shortened!

It is also possible to receive the store, searching for products in the store,Save the hassle of putting it in the basketcan do.

  • Select the product and number from the app.You can also select a replacement when the items are sold out Example) "If bread is sold out, I want you to roll bread."
  • You can leave a notebook. Example) "I want you to choose a product with a close expiration date", "If you are away, leave it in front of your house", etc.
  • There is a purchase product tracking function. example)Check it when the driver picks the product in real time
  • Delivery time can be set.
  • Delivery delivery prediction time is displayed in an easy -to -understand manner.
  • If the number of products purchased is small, it may be a little higher than shopping directly at a physical store.
  • A 5 % minimum delivery chips, service fees, and delivery costs are incurred. However, if you join the Instacart Express for $ 9.99 per month or $ 99 per year, you do not have to pay a service fee or $ 35 or more tips. There is a trial period for 2 weeks.
  • Chat and telephone service can be contacted for sold out and exchanges.

It costs a little, but it is also recommended for those who are self -restraining, those who do not have time to shop, and those who do not have transportation.


The most popular flea market app in the United States where you can easily buy and sell, similar to Mercari and Jimoti in Japan.

  • By first entering the postal code where you liveSee what is being sold in a nearby areabe able to.
  • Not only delivery but also directly picked up products.
  • In addition to searching for products you are looking for, you can search from various categories such as popular items, furniture, clothes, and computer.


The most recommended app "SHOP" is an online shopping assistant app developed by SHOPIFY.

You can enjoy shopping smoothly from the store that uses shopping.

  • Follow your favorite brandBecause it can be done, it is possible to focus on only the store being followed and check it. It's safe because you don't have to see advertisements from brands that are not interested!
  • Easy to detail and tracking order items
  • All the purchase history remainsWhere and when and where and what did you buy?Confirm all from one appIt is very convenient because you can.
  • Lunched in April 2020, as of May, 16 million users already

Next door:

Social media app like Facebook's neighborhood version
Neighboring people can post various posts.

  • You will receive a letter with the approved code to your registered address, which will be a must when you sign up.It is safe because only the formal address can be registered.
  • Know what is happening in your neighborhood in your neighbor's postCan be done. Example) Garage sales, recommended spots (restaurants, hospitals, mechanic shops), local events, missing pets, etc.
  • Warning if something happens in the neighborhood with an emergency warning functioncan do.
  • You can create a business page.
  • You can create an offer from a business page and share it to your neighborhood. This is a fee, and the amount varies depending on the posting period and the number of people who use the app in that area.
  • As of February 2018, 10 million users.

What did you think?
From the many apps, we have introduced what is now popular in the United States.
Please refer to everyone!


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