[OUTDOOR] Let's go to Mt. Fuji with Go Ride!

Fuji climbingGo RideIs convenient! There are many blogs about Fuji climbing, so this site was especially easy to understand.Mountain girls' Fuji climbing experiences Go Ride NEWS will leave the explanation there, and this time I will explain how to access, especially! Route bus for Fuji climbing (Fujikyu Bus) There are public transportation such as), but the shavings are still convenient! Go RideLet's get on! Nevertheless, at Mt. Fuji, at the peak of the summer, we regulate private cars on the following schedule, and we will switch to a shuttle bus at the parking lot at the foot. (However, the Gotemba route has no restrictions on a car) Fuji climbing official site SCREEN SHOT 2016-07-28 at 5.13.05 PM Please search for keywords such as Mt. Fuji and Fuji climbing on Go Ride! Let's go to see such a scenery! It's many times more fun than you can see alone! 22b6f0f2b3ca60E877F33A8E62D38b84_s

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