[Must -see EC businesses] 5 email marketing measures that are ideal for EC sites


What is an email campaign?

Campaign emails, generally called "e -mail magazine", are typical e -mail marketing methods.

Campaign emailEmail to announce the eventThe following benefits are given.

Benefits of campaign email

  • Can be approached extensively
  • You can set the targets and messages to be distributed in detail
  • You can follow up customers by sending campaigns and latest information
  • It leads to improving the royalty of the brand
  • Revisit to the site and increase traffic
  • Sales can be expected to be improved by the email channel
  • More detailed and effective data acquisition and analysis can be obtained by acquiring email addresses, etc.

In this way, there are many benefits in email marketing campaign emails alone.

In this article, I will explain the campaign measures that are the newsletters called "e -mail magazine" among some email marketing methods.

We are Shopify Plus Partner and are certified as regular Master partners of the email marketing tool "KLAVIYO".

In the past, we have introduced five effective e -mail campaigns while supporting the email marketing of businesses that perform ECs with various products.

1. Notice of campaign

In the campaign email,

Sale tailored to holidays and seasonal eventsEmail to announce the eventGenerally refers to that.

Example) Season andCampaign tailored to market events

  • Outlet sale information for spring/summer/autumn/winter products
  • Brand anniversary campaign information, etc.

2. Information on new products

An email to be notified of the launch of a new product.

Not only elements as PR, butYou can expect to re -purchase and acquire new customers after a long absence.

3. Recommended products information

An email that sends information about the product you want to launch according to the season.

Not only the distribution of the product by the business operator,

If you have introduced the email marketing tool "KLAVIYO" ​​by your business operator, KLAVIYO will automatically display recommended products from a specific collection based on your purchase history, etc. It is also possible.

4. Useful information of the product

By communicating the charm of the product and the usage examples, it will lead to promoting the purchase of the product.

Rather than simply telling the product information

By performing design design to lead to more attractive copywriting and purchases, it will also increase the purchase rate.

5. Birthday email

This is one of the email campaigns that we often recommend to EC operators.

This is an email that gets your birthday on the SHOPIFY member registration page and the e -mail magazine registration page, and distributes special coupons according to your birthday month.

We often recommend that you can think of emails as "yourself" when the email arrives at the customer by delivering the email to the customer, which leads to the improvement of the opening rate of emails and the royalty of the brand. increase.


What did you think.

I guess there are many people who are interested in email marketing but have not been able to implement them, or that they are working but not very useful.

The e -mail magazine introduced this time sets out detailed target settings and distributed e -mails roughly and operates, but often see cases that give up because there are not many results.

However, the operation of email marketing can maximize the effect by optimal distribution design, analysis, and improvement, and can lead to improved sales.

If you have such a problem, please feel free to contact us.

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