Report on Chicago's art festival! 2023 Millennium Art Festival in Chicago

by Mitsuaki Akatsuki

What is Millennium Art Festival?

Millennium Art Festival is a place where artists and craft makers, which were held for three days on July 14, 15, and 16 in 2023, exhibit and sell their works. Art works of various genres are exhibited, and you can enjoy a wide range of works, such as paintings, sculptures, photos, pottery, jewelry, and textiles.

This festival is a popular event for local artists and tourists visiting Chicago. Visitors can buy art and handicrafts directly or interact with artists.

There are also elements where you can enjoy entertainment and food, such as live music and food booth.

Millennium Art Festival promotes Chicago's art scene and plays an important role as a platform to support local talent. The attractive atmosphere and the exhibition of various art works contribute to local cultural exchange and the spread of art.

 Millennium Art Festival in Chicago

What is the venue?

This festival is held on a pedestrian paradise on Lake Street at Michigan.

On the day, many people are overflowing, and DJ events and live performances will be held!

 Millennium Art Festival in Chicago

Many jewelry and art works are exhibited.

 Millennium Art Festival in Chicago

There was also a DJ booth. There was also a live stage, and there were three live stages just by confirming!

 Millennium Art Festival in Chicago

Chicago is the birthplace of House Music. Sophisticated house music and hard techno were flowing with loud explosion!

 Millennium Art Festival in Chicago

Many local artists, including handmade candles and accessories, are opened.

 Millennium Art Festival in Chicago

There is also an arched work in the center. You can see it!

 Millennium Art Festival in Chicago

I saw some tarot fortune -telling.


I usually introduce articles related to EC, but this time as a breathtaking article.A report of Millennium Art Festival held in Chicago with plenty of photos.

Chicago is very cold in winter, so there are many events from spring to summer. At this time, traveling in Chicago is a highly recommended time!




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