I anticipated SHOPIFY sales from EC sales of Matsuya Foods in Gyudon.

by Toyo Hirashima

The other day, the news of the Gyudon restaurant chain Matsuya Foods Co., Ltd. has announced an EC consultant & operation agency project special for food.

[Matsuya is the EC Consulting Business] Gyudon Matsuya Foods and GSATRODUCE JAPAN have worked together to launch EC consulting & operation agency business

Achieved 3.7 billion yen in EC sales with sales promotion costs of 10 % or less!

That seems to be a sale.

It is about 3.7 billion yen ÷ 12 = 380 million yen, but I checked the platform information that has opened to some extent, so I checked it.

Rakuten Moon Sales 100 million yen

Yahoo Shopping 60 million yen

AU Pay Market 15 million yen

D shopping 20 million yen

According to the information disclosed, the monthly sales will be 195 million yen, so the remaining 113 million yen will be sales from other platforms.

I looked at what other platforms were opened.

Amazon Pine house

YodobashiMatsuya Foods

Shopify  Matsuya Online Shop 

Beluna GourmetIt seems that it has been published in the past, but it seems that the sale is currently suspended.

If the remaining sales ratio is 6: 2: 2

Amazon: 60%= 67.8 million yen

Yodobashi: 20%= 22.6 million yen

Shopify Official: 20% = 22.6 million yen

It seems to be about sales content.

I also anticipated the advertising budget.

I also anticipated the advertising budget.

Expected to be very rough, we anticipate that the proportion of operational advertisements for sales promotion budgets is about 70%, and sales promotion costs are expected to be around 9% of sales.

Annual promotion fee 3.7 billion yen x 9% = 33.3 billion yen

Monthly sales promotion cost 33.3 billion yen ÷ 12 = 27.5 million yen

Monthly operation advertising budget 27.75 million yen x 0.7 = 19.25 million yen

I guess it is before and after

It seems that it can be operated with an advertising expenses of about 4 to 6.5% of sales for each platform for each platform.

Rakuten 4 million yen

Yahoo Shopping 3 million yen

AU Pay Market 1 million yen

D shopping 1.3 million yen

Total of disclosure advertising expenses 9.3 million yen

The expected overall advertising cost is around 19.25 million yen, so about 10 million yen is distributed in proportion to sales for each platform.

Amazon advertising cost: 6 million yen

Yodobashi advertising cost: 2 million yen

SHOPIFY official advertising cost: 2 million yen

I anticipated that it was moving.

The fact that the number of Amazon, Yodobashi, and SHOPIFY has not been disclosed is that the sales ratio of advertising expenses is inferior to other platforms compared to the published numbers, so it is not published. In addition, although the promotional cost is 10% or less, the advertising expenses of other platforms are 4-6.5% for sales, so if you operate at the same ratio, it could be less than 7%, but it was less than 10%. I expected that the advertising cost ratio was higher than in other platforms.

It was said that sales promotion costs were reduced to 10 % or less, but if you think about the system usage fee?

If you look at Rakuten in a hurry, you can put the Mega Shop Plan with a 100 million yen unit price of less than 5000 yen.Simulator8716,000 yen

Naturally, the system usage fee is very expensive, so you can understand the desire to come to your own EC as much as possible.

SHOPIFY PLUS is about 250,000 yen $ 200 for 0.25% of sales of 100 million yen, so there is literally different.



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