MailChimp, which can be used for free, is a strong ally of email marketing!

How are you doing email marketing? This time2018 New Year's card blogI would like to introduce "MailChimp" in detail, which can be used for free for free.

What is MailChimp?

Marchimp MailChimp is an American email distribution system instructed by many users around the world. In Japan, of course, more and more people are used as a high -performance distribution tool that can be used for free.

Recommended for such people

・ Shops, companies, and individuals you want to start email marketing from now on ・ Looking for a free and high -performance email distribution system ・ Over -border EC and overseas services are provided ・ I am dissatisfied with the distribution system I am currently using

MailChimp What you can do with a free version

List of things that can be done for free MailChimp
〇 Address registration can be distributed up to 2,000 and up to 12,000 per month.

If the number of registration and distribution increases, it is possible to pay the upper limit.

〇 Dashboard that can be intuitively created

You can create both sentences and HTML emails. You can easily edit it with dragging and drop using a template, and you can check your PC and smartphone with a preview function. You can also create a template, so you can create an original email.

〇 AB test
MailChimp AB test sample

Up to 3 patterns can be created, you can perform the test to check the effects of each option.

〇 Creating a landing page

You can create a landing page that promotes purchase and registration in MailChimp.

〇 Advanced report function
MailChimp report

It is also possible to create a list and send a campaign according to the customer from the number of e -mails and click rates.

〇 Creating Facebook / Google / Instagram ads

You can use a profitable report to monitor sales and website activities, and notify advertising content of services and products.

〇 Marketing automation function

With the step mail function, you can automatically send emails at the appropriate content and timing according to the customer. Mainly notified carts that were abandoned in cooperation with birth dimer and EC sites, introduction of browsing products, etc.

〇 Coordination with service tools
Figure of MailChimp linkage service

You can easily distribute email in cooperation with the service tools you already have. [Service tool search]

Report function demonstration

In fact, I tried sending tests in -house. At that time, the report function looks like this. The effect of this campaign is designed at a glance. The click rate of the link is also easy to understand. Wrist version Clickmap version It is divided by list for each reaction.

Go Ride's e -mail magazine is also created by MailChimp

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The points to note

・ Because it is not compatible with Japanese, the site is all in English. (Google translation is available) ・ The character code used in MailChimp is UTF-8, and it seems that it is rarely interpreted in other than UTF-8 and is garbled. HereThe solution "◉" "⌘" "" ""♡It seems that you can fix it to UTF-8 by include in the text. ・ Free registration list ・ The number of monthly distributions is fixed, so let's grasp properly. If you exceed the upper limit, it will be charged.


How about mail delivery with MailChimp, which has a full report and marketing function? There are many services that are linked, so it can be easily incorporated. It is especially recommended for cross -border ECs and businesses specializing in overseas services.
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