[Latest in 2024] What can you do with CHECKOUT EXTENSIBITY? Explain the difference from Liquid Customization! [SHOPIFY]

by Takushi Matsuura

At the beginning

The mechanism of the check -out screen of SHOPIFYChange from Liquid to ExtensibilityDo you know that?

Please see this introduction article before!

Click here for the article

In addition, it has been announced that various new functions and change from the article published, so I will introduce it in this article!

CHECKOUT.LIQUID is abolished!

First of all, it will be a reminder, but the checkout.liquidAbolished on August 13, 2024It will be.

Therefore, if you are currently customizing Liquid and editing the check -out, you need to change the checkout to checkout by the day.

Difference between Liquid and Extensibility

Checkout.liquidandCHECKOUT EXTENSIBILITY To briefly explain the difference, the CHECKOUT.LIQUID so far requires coding knowledge for customization (customization that can only be used by engineers), and it often takes time to customize.

The newly announced CHECKOUT EXTENSIBILITY will greatly expand its customization.simpleSo, the customization that took time so farShort timeYou can do it.

Increase custom fields

You can set up a custom field on the check -out page, and you can display the information you want to get additionally.

Delivery specification, gift messageYou can easily install additional fields.

Shopify Checkout Added Custom Field
Image from Shopify

Check -out editor

You can change the check -out design by dragging & dropping and simple setting changes.

for example,

  • Added image
  • Added store logo
  • Background color change
  • Font change
  • Added banner

You can easily change what you needed for coding.

Shopify Checkout Added Alert Text
Image from Shopify

In addition, you can easily add check -out apps.

Click here for the app list

List of Applications Related to Checkout on Shopify App Store
Image from Shopify

Shopify pixels manager

A new feature called Shopify Pixels Manager is added.

With the functions added to the SHOPIFY management screen, merchant can manage customer events. It is a function that is also related to check -out, so let's keep it firmly.

With this pixel function, you can do the following:

  • Access to a series of online stores, including check -out events
  • Addition of security enhancement for online stores and customers (including the management enhancement function of customer data shared with external services)
  • Preventing JavaScript without external service code, preventing online stores and check -out
  • Built -in tool for privacy constituents

It is a useful feature to know the site improvement and the customer's flow in detail, so please try it.

For more information about SHOPIFY PIXELSHere

Checkout UI extension

Checkout UI extensions can add elements such as product upsel cross cells, custom fields, banners, etc.

Image from Shopify

Thank you page

You will be able to change the UI of the Thank you page (purchase completion page) after purchase or add new functions.

You can check out the installed apps and add to the Thank you page or order status page.

Illustration of Shopify CHECKOUT CUSTOMIZATION
Image from Shopify

CHECKOUT shifting as soon as possible!

The CHECKOUT EXTENSIBILITY has greatly expanded the width of the customization of the previous check -out (checkout.liquid).


Please feel free to contact us about those who are worried about changing the check -out, those who have a lack of resources, changing the design of the checkout page that have been difficult so far, introducing and customizing apps!



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