[Latest in 2023] Introducing domestic food -based ECs with large sales [Plus shipping]


What do you usually buy when you usually shop online?

There are almost no other things that you can no longer buy, from daily necessities, furniture, home appliances, and apparel supplies, but there are genres that are expected to expand the market in the future.

that isFoodis.

Shopping Cart in Supermarket
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Food -based products have been considered incompatible with EC, but in recent years the market has been expanding.

In this article, for everyone who is running EC now and is going to start, in JapanFood -based EC site with large salesAnd recommended in SHOPIFYDelivery appI will introduce you!

Please take a look!


Famous for health foods and Caspian Sea YogurtOfficial online shop in FujikkoIs even an ECWe are raising a big sales.

There is a regular purchase system, and we offer services that can be purchased at a special price or free shipping in addition to the trouble of taking the procedure every time you purchase.

It's a strategy to increase sales by giving EC's unique strengths.

In addition, recipes using products are also posted on the site, making it designed to increase users' willingness to buy.


Familiar with vegetable life and tomato ketchupKAGOME's official EC siteis.

You can purchase products that are not sold at stores, and sell beverages, foods and supplements using vegetables.

Selling EC -only products is important in increasing sales.


We sell chocolate etc.RoyceThere is also an online shop. Because it is shipped by cool flight, it can be ordered without worrying about quality.

Because there is a product that corresponds to the stake, it is a perfect site for those who are thinking of gifts.

Why don't you choose this year's gift from Royce EC?


We sell mineral water of Kagoshima's natural alkaline hot spring water "Zouho Onsen"treasureI also have an online shop.

We sell drinks and alcoholic beverages such as mineral water, which can be purchased on regular courses.

There are many foods in addition to beverages, so there is a pleasure to purchase as a set!


EnotecaIs a wine shop established in 1988.

Because it supports cool flights and gift wrapping, it is a convenient EC for wine lovers.

The blog post by the staff introduces the commentary on wine and the pairing of the wine.

It is a site that can be enjoyed by wine enthusiasts and those who like wine in the future.

Delivery app: plus shipping

Plus shippingIs an application developed as a Japanese version of SHOPIFY SHIPPING, which realizes efficiency.

  • You can easily issue invoices
  • Batch issuance of invoice does not require CSV
  • Delivery fee can be settled in advance
  • Delivery date and time specified functions can be added

As with, it is an app that omits the troublesome tasks related to delivery.

It will be updated from time to time, and it will be a easier -to -use app in the future.

If you want to reduce the time of delivery work, why not consider it?


Image byTumisu fromPixabay ​​

What did you think?

In addition to the sites introduced, many food -based ECs are increasing, and further expands in 2023.

Why don't you check if your favorite food manufacturer has an EC?

If you want to create a food EC siteConsult with Go Rideplease give me!

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