Introduction of custom apps in cooperation with SHOPIFY

by Jumi Waki

Introduction of custom apps in cooperation with SHOPIFY

SHOPIFY can work with various apps to meet your needs.

This time, we will introduce custom apps based on our examples.

Here are some examples of health food sales companies, our client. This business operator is affiliated with the call center to connect sales companies and customers at an online store.

The client had the following issues:


Many client customers are elderly, many people are unfamiliar with the Internet operation, and often receive orders at a call center.

Our company to link with the shipping system when customers usually order from the InternetRegular purchasing app (GO SUB)As for other apps, the shipping date and shipping time are linked directly to the order memo (note_attribute).

However, if you receive an order at the call center, the person in charge will need to create an order manually. Therefore, unlike the Internet order, there were issues that could not attach the attribute value of the order memo (note_attribute) at the time of ordering.

So, in Go Ride, we developed the following custom apps and solved the issues!


The call center created a custom app because the attribute of the order memo (note_attribute) is not attached when making orders manually.

By creating a custom app, the delivery date of the order memo (note_attribute) or the delivery time Delivery_time has been automatically created and edited even when ordering the order at the call center.

Order flow
Q and a image image

This time, I interviewed our engineer who was involved in custom app development.

Q: What are you careful about when creating a custom app?

A: We are creating a custom app to solve the problem of various clients.

The most important thing in creating a custom app is to understand the client's problems and special business needs.

By understanding well, the goals are clearly defined and useful in the development process.

I think good communication with clients is the key to success.

Q: I think it is hard to create a custom app.

Have you ever been difficult to create a custom app?

A: The most difficult thing in developing a custom app on SHOPIFY is to maintain it for a long time.

Custom apps provide flexibility to solve problems, but the SHOPIFY platform itself is not so flexible.

Fortunately, SHOPIFY is a very developed platform, so its technical stack is functional and modern.

However, it is important to note that every time a change is made on the SHOPIFY, it is necessary to update and comply with the custom app.

It is conveyed that we are developing custom apps while understanding the customer's requests well.

In addition, it turns out that it has been updated as needed while constantly checking the surrounding environment after the development.

Thank you for the interview!

What did you think? As we have introduced, we develop and implement custom apps in cooperation with SHOPIFY.

By mastering apps, you can automate ordering, customer service, between store management, etc., and can reduce effort and cost.

We will solve your worries about EC operation.

First of all, you can just consult, so please feel free to contact us.

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