[Instagrammer] Who is popular in the United States now? US Instagrammer's forefront



Today's theme is "Instagrammer, which is now popular in the United States."

SARA, who is in charge of marketing in a US office, tells the topic accounts that everyone is following.

There are many popular accounts that are fashionable, humorous, and the United States that have overwhelming followers. Today we will introduce some of the most notable accounts!

Gianluca vacchi @gianlucavacchi

Gianluca vacchi @gianlucavacchi Mr. Miss.

Luxury cars, large houses, fashion, private jets, ...! His luxury lifestyle from anywhere. 52 years old in the world, which has been introduced in GQ magazine as "the coolest person in Instagram". Gianluca, who became famous for dancing videos with his partner in 2016, has not declined for about three years.

52 years old who is very alive! The rich and crazy account that is also DJing and loves music and dancing is fun just looking at it.



Bretman Rock, a living in Hawaii, has become very popular through SNS.YouTuberIt is also active. He introduces his recommendations such as fashion and cosmetics, but he seems to be honest with his own opinion.

He Gives Honest Feed Back.

Leonie Hanne @leoniehanne

Leonie Hanne @leoniehanne Mr. Miss.

Looking at Leonie Hanne's account, isn't there a woman who doesn't yearn for a little good? Fashion bloggers, stylists, and models are attending the world while traveling around the world.

I want to go here someday, I want this kind of clothes! An account that makes you think. In the United States, of course, there are followers around the world.

David gandy @davidgandy_official

David gandy @davidgandy_official Mr. Miss.

David's account, a model where Classy style gains support from men. A glimpse of a glimpse of a lifestyle photo, a manly fashion that is not too decorated is popular.

Dandy fashion. The manly lifestyle is cool!


He spoke style @hespokesyle

Popular men's fashion blog worldwideHe Spoke StyleInstagram account of. Brian Sacawa's stock with Brian Sacawa, who launched He Spoke Style, is supported by men around the world. Snap -format in the blogThe style guide Is the content that men who want to wear suits and business casuals stylishly should be seen.

40%of his account audience is America! A sophisticated fashion recommended for Japanese men.

@ootdmagazine @etdmen


An account that collects influencers around the world. Various influencers style is introduced beyond casual, street, clean and genre.

If you like fashion, you can almost always follow your account! Because there are various styles, you can find the dress you want to imitate.

There is also a men's version. There are also classic and universal styles, and a trendy style. It is likely to be a model account for dressing and coloring balance.



Makeup artist Nikkie de Jager account with many audiences in California, especially in the United States.

Her YouTube channelNikkieTutorials It is also extremely popular with women. While there are serious How to, her own honest comment is a secret that is liked by female audiences.

Not only she is real Good Makeup Artists But Also She Is Funny! An account that reminds me of the fun of makeup.

AARON STORMS@ Aaronsmakeup

Aaron Storms @aaronsmakeup

Another popular makeup account. This is a slightly different atmosphere from Nikkie, which is a makeup or an account that can be enjoyed like an art.

It is not a makeup that can be imitated on a daily basis, but the beauty of the color is very nice. For reference to color use.

MARIA LEGUIZAMON @ColombianmafiAfit

MARIA LEGUIZAMON @ColombianmafiAfit

Hot pilatesis, personal trainer instructor. She has a class in a studio where many celebrities go in Hollywood. Instagram introduces exercises that can be done at home without going to the studio. Many women are sympathetic to her lifestyle, not only in the exercise How to, but also with the family.

Both me and my friends went to her class!

How was it?

In the United States, there are some accounts that I have never heard of in Japan, so I would like to introduce SARA's recommended account!

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