In 2021, a quarter -year recall meeting was held

by Ayumu Nakajima
The opportunity to look back on the first to fourth quarters of 2021 was held throughout the company, connecting the US branch office and the Japanese branch.

We call the opportunity to look back on progress four times a year, every three months.
We are divided in the first to fourth quarter.
The Q4 introduced this time was held in December and held a Christmas party.

On this day, remote groups living in the distance, including the Japanese team and the United States team, were connected online and looked back on this year's results.

Looking back on the year

2021 was a lot of change for Go Ride.

First, I was involved in many clients' business.
We were involved in the North American brands of several major Japanese brands and the overseas brands in Japan, and realized the great possibilities of the cross -border.

Looking back from the representative Hirashima, he talked passionately about his future vision.

Announced the spirit of 2022 from the representative Hirashima.

"Be a Trailblazer, Break Open the Door with New Power X 10"
(We aim for 1000% reforms instead of 10% improvement, rather than 10% improvement.

It is a determination of Go Ride, a corporate culture that always challenges new things.
In 2022, the speed will accelerate!

From Japan to Japan, we will continue to work on the Web marketing support of the client's business expansion, along with the mission of "cross -border EC", which delivers our services and products to the world over the borders around the world. I shall go.

Events held in 2021

The number of members increased is a major change in 2021.
As the number of clients and the width of the client expanded, we have actively adopted them to make them stronger.
As the number of members increased, team building was needed, and last year we held various internal events.

It was a plenty of year to hold a pop -up event at WEWORK, where the office is located, play BBQ, and enjoy traveling for two days and two nights in a camper.

As we learned later, after the award was held, it was confirmed that we were selected as Shopify Plus Partners. It was a conclusion that I could realize that the company was getting bigger.

Members who were awarded at the award

In that year, I was particularly working hard among the members! A meeting to pick up each person and give awards to the members.
Various awards were given to our manager, marketers and engineers.

Lunch to improve team power

We are doing Company Lunch twice a month as an event to enhance the team's power with all the members and enjoy flat regardless of the position.
This time it was Christmas, so I ate delicious course meals called Christmas lunch.
The weather was good on this day and a very nice atmosphere was flowing.

I enjoyed the Christmas lunch

The date of the award was in the midst of Christmas on December 24.
After the award, all members go to Christmas lunch. Everyone enjoys the atmosphere of Christmas in the restaurant in the Hammer Head of Minato Mirai.
By the way, on this day, everyone dressed up a little and enjoyed the party outfit.

This is a global lunch

Here is a flower talk with a girl's talk.

CCO Onishi is taken cool.

On the way home, everyone is walking happily.

Late talk "Award back story"

In fact, there was a meeting to what BGM and how to proceed until the day. By the way, I started 2-3 days before the day, so it was quite a run. (smile)
The rehearsal was done in the office, but it was a risky rehearsal to avoid spoilers who won the award until the day.

I also participated, but it was a lot of fun to experience the special air feeling only for the day.
What kind of event is waiting for 2022, I'm looking forward to it anymore.
In order to make 2022 a lot of transformation, let's go ride !!

Thank you for reading.

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