Ideal OMO in SHOPIFY! Introducing the iron plate application to be introduced


Omni -channel (OMO) has recently been heard. In SHOPIFY, the optimal OMO can be made according to the operator's operation method by combining various apps. This time, we will introduce recommended applications that can realize OMO in SHOPIFY, which has been rapidly increasing in popularity in the construction of EC sites in recent years.

What is OMO?

OMO is an abbreviation of "ONLINE MERGE WITH OFFLINE". It means "fusion of online and offline," and refers to a marketing strategy aimed at improving customer satisfaction by seamlessly linking online stores and actual stores.

If you want to know about omni -channel, the following article is recommended.

Combination of iron plate when OMO with SHOPIFY

As of 2023, to convert to OMO with SHOPIFYShopify Plus (Plus Plan)It is premised on the use of.

The following is an example of the service required for OMO.

  • Shopify Plus (EC cart)

  • Store POS

  • Inventory collaboration

  • SNS

  • Customer / point cooperation

Store POS

Small residence

Smaggnagen is a service that performs cash registers at actual stores that use iPads and iPhone, and is a POS service that also package the management screen on the web.

Difference from other companies POS

  • If you make a sales on iPad or iPhone, etc., you can link on the Internet in real time.

  • Services can be updated for free because of the app.

  • It is also possible to use without a cash door. (Because the main management screen is a website)

  • There is a smart residence unique app market, which allows you to add various functions to POS.

Inventory collaboration


  • You can ship with one iPhone

  • Can manage inventory management in the cloud

  • Overwhelmingly low price than warehouse consignment

  • The SHOPIFY app has 14 days of free trial period, and you can try all functions during the period

Next engine

  • The work of checking each order is dramatically reduced

  • Efficient order management and inventory management of SHOPIFY can be achieved and business hours can be significantly reduced.

  • Introducing various apps provided within the next engine, automatic cooperation with various systems is possible.

  • Since the API is released, it is possible to cooperate with the tools you are using and develop a new app.

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Instagram Shop Now

SHOPIFY allows you to cooperate with Instagram Shop as standard. The detailed cooperation procedureHerefrom.

Customer / point cooperation

OMNI HUB (CRM/Customer Management)

This is a customer management app that allows you to integrate membership information at real stores and online stores in cooperation between SHOPIFY and Smagg. By using this app, you can easily achieve omni -channel.

In addition to customer management, you can also share points at actual stores and online stores.

Furthermore, since it is possible to link with LINE and link with smartphone apps, it is a versatile application that has a wide range of functions necessary for a wide range of businesses.

Other linked point programs

Where to poi

Small Reservoir Membership Applicable App ""Omni Hub"" In the "point app"Where to poi」。

This is a recommended app for such people who have already introduced Smagg, want to centrally manage points and membership information at stores and online stores, and want to operate a point program easily in SHOPIFY.

In addition, the SHOPIFY app "" LINE "CRM Plus on LINEBy using ", it is possible to convert stores and online stores to OMO even on LINE mini apps.

VIP ‑ Member Program

VIP -Member ProgramThe app is a domestic point program that can easily link points between actual stores and online stores.

The app support is Japanese, so it is safe even if there is something in the unlikely event.


This time, I introduced an app that is a combination of iron plates when doing OMO with SHOPIFY.

Go Ride proposes the optimal OMO in line with the needs of the business operator.

OMO has been attracting attention in recent years. Please feel free to contact us on this occasion!


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