I tried using HubSpot, which has a reputation for being cool

Hub Spot, which is a standard marketing tool overseas

Currently listed on NYSE and has entered Japan.

As of November 30, 2017, the market capitalization is a monster B to B SaaS company with a $ 3b 300 billion yen exceeding ¥ 300 billion. I'm glad that I can use a Japanese interface.

Just watching this You Tube video, it is difficult to understand where Hub Spot is so good, so I actually used it.

This time, I tried using Hub Spot Marketing from some services of Hub Spot. When you use it, first you will be leading the following steps.

1. embed Tracking Code on your site

2. Create Lead Flow

3. Create a form to collect data

4. Create Facebook AD

Take the four steps above.

I tried to create an FB advertisement, but I omitted it because it wasn't much different from the FB management screen of the original family.

However, it is convenient because it can be managed on the same dashboard.

So, here, briefly introduce the steps of 1-3. First, embed the tracking code to get a pop-up window.

In short, you can collect inbound contacts here. Widow type can be selected from the following four types.

Popup, Drop Down Banner, Slide in Box Left, Slide in Box Right.

Here, select Slide in Left to slide in from the left.

Fill in the logo and wording used to complete! The inbound lead tool is ready in no time!

Slide -in from the left and right completely does not completely block the field of view, so it can be easy to use.

HUB SPOT is a user who keeps marketing that does not become an interruption.

It seems that the partner programs are also enriched, but in Japan, only marketing partner and programs seem to be valid.

In HubSpot Marketing, it seems that the creation of Landing Page, A/B test, HTML mail creation, etc. can be collectively possible on one platform.

For pricing plans and functions that can be usedHereIn can be confirmed.

$ 800/Month monthly for a very good price as a tool.

On December 5th, a hub -spot user event will be held at LA, so I would like to report on this separately.

One -stop offered from EC construction to advertising operation.