I moved to the new office. ~ Move on to the next ride ~

by Ayumu Nakajima

Relocated to a new office with business expansion


In December 2021, the office was expanded due to the expansion of the business.
The location is still based in Flexible Office, WeWORK Ocean Gate Minatomirai.
With the increase in the number of members working together, we decided to move in the office to emphasize team power than ever before, create more smooth communication and a sense of unity of the team. It is up to the present.

When I moved into a flexible office three years ago, I started from this small four -person room.

In the summer of 2021, one number of rooms increased, and the office has expanded to two rooms.

Now it has grown so far.

This is the central desk of the office. I looked at the seats along the wall, which is the largest area, is popular.
At first glance, you may feel the distance from the front to the back, but in fact there is a sense of unity that you are casually talking even if you are at the end.

There is also such a personal desk. Ideal when you want to be able to communicate too far from other desks and want to be immersed in personal work.
Apparently there are some members who like this remote seat.

The standing desk for those who are tired of sitting and wants to refresh a little is a favorite of Hirashima. The height is automatically adjusted, and there is also a versatility that can be used from large to small.
I also used it several times, but the standing work is recommended with less strain on the waist.

One of the attractions is that you can do this standing meeting.
When you want to come up with ideas or do interactive exchanges, I feel that it is easier to talk than a meeting in the conference room.

Office with a sense of unity

As of December 2021, the number of members who had no 10 until last year could provide higher quality services than ever before.
Unlike the previous office, which was separated by the room, there is no partition or walls, and the space has a sense of unity, and there are characteristics of each desk, but no matter what desk you are, you can create an atmosphere where all members can communicate smoothly. It is done.
During the break time, laughter is constant, so it is very lively.

Creative air flows

Since the office is not divided by walls or pillars, an open space is created and it is a very stylish finish. The atmosphere is so soft that it doesn't seem to be an office, and it is a space where communication is constant. In addition, the desk placement interval is well considered for those who want to concentrate on work, so even in the same space, the sense of temperature is well divided.

Office with DJ booth! ?

Hirashima's favorite space. That is the "DJ booth".
Have you ever heard an office with a DJ booth?
At least I'm not a writer. smile

* Headphones are performed during playback. At the time of playing, the volume is taken into account the surrounding office.

Neon of windows that give you casualness

These are your favorite, and "IT Was All A Dream" means "everything started with a dream."

What is the flexible office WEWORK?

The place we are currently working on is a flexible office where a wide range of companies, from entrepreneurs and startups to large companies.
3 minutes by Minato Mirai Line from "Yokohama Station" to "Minato Mirai Station"
It is 2 minutes walk from Minato Mirai Station and is close to the station.

All you can drink for adults that adults love!

There are rooms, co -working spaces, and conference rooms of various sizes according to the application, and there is a comfortable pantry area for lunch and work.
In the pantry area, there is a coffee maker and a draft beer server that are particular about beans, so you can enjoy a delicious cup.

Speaking of Minato Mirai, this scenery

Speaking of Yokohama, Minato Mirai, many people think of the scenery where the sea can be seen.
Actually, when you go to the roof, which is a building common area, you can see the view of the ocean view, so it is a recommended place when you want to have lunch and refresh your mood.

Take care of the members

How was our new office?
Our work is not possible alone, but we must continue to achieve and innovate with team members toward our goals.
By preparing the office environment, we will communicate smoothly while raising the morale of the members, and recommend various ways of working.

I want to review my life balance a little, I want to challenge more aggressive,
If you think so, please take a look at us.

Thank you for reading.

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