I bought a real smart surfwatch Nixon Ultra Tide

by Toyo Hirashima
I used to use NIXON's LO DOWN, but it was finally tattered and I wanted to try a new surf watch soon.

This pattern is cool with turquoise, and the belt part is quite soft and comfortable compared to Lo Down. The face itself is 45mm bigger than the previous LO DOWN! Recently, it was troublesome to set the time and beach settings at the same time as landing at the time of Lo Down, but at the same time as Lo Down, paired with the smartphone app and set it automatically. It is very convenient because it will give you. It is comfortable to save the trouble of setting surfing and setting for business trips.

Opening ceremony

Open and set at once. I forgot to take a photo of the opening ceremony ... When you launch the app, you will see a video of the app.

It seems that you can understand the water temperature and the direction of swel, and to obtain real -time wave information in partnership with Surf LINE.

Log in on Facebook

Settings such as names. Log in with FB and it's really easy! You can set up your stance and surfboards you usually use, how to use this information yet. For the time being, I was able to confirm the real -time condition on the iPhone. You can see this information as it is in Ultra Tide.

But to be honest, I still have a list of conditions on the condition on my smartphone, so I think I will check where to surf with my smartphone. It is helpful to know the water temperature in advance.

It is the easiest to see here for the explanation of how to use it as a whole. So I continued to use Nixon this time. Compared to The Mission, I think it's a very realistic smart surfwatch, including the battery.

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