How to welcome the New Year in the United States -Dive in to Learn More About Year's Tradition in the US! ~

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happy new year!

In Japan, the next biggest event is New Year after Christmas. In Japan, there are events to eat nodes, but there are no such events in the United States. So how is the way of spending the New Year in Japan and the United States? I will introduce the US New Year's tradition for 20 years in the United States.

Enjoy the New Year in the party

On New Year's Eve in Japan, I watch song programs such as "Red and White Singing Battle" and "Use of Gaki" on TV.

On New Year's Eve in the United States, there is a large countdown event to celebrate the end of the year.

On December 31st on New Year's Eve, the store closes early, and family, relatives and friends gather at home and have a party. Alternatively, there are people who participate in the New Year's events that are being held in public.

Why do you count down?

Americans make loud noise with horns, whistles, fireworks, and laughter in the last few second countdown before the beginning of the New Year. This countdown habit is to remove the bad spirit of the year and greet the new year with hope.

The new year is Times Square!

The famous "Baldrop" held in Times Square in New York, USA is a traditional event held in the United States every year. This event is an outdoor event that attracts many people around the world.
A nightlight is slowly dropped from a pole on the roof of the Times Square high -rise building. This ball is dropped one minute before midnight, and when the ball reaches the bottom, it is a signal of the beginning of a new year.

Times Square attracts people trying to see the moment of falling the ball drop. It is expected that about 1 million people will visit Times Square every year. (In 2021, the number of people was restricted by the new colon virus.) The New Year in the United States is particularly flashy.

New year romantic event!

The moment of the new year is an opportunity to kiss with your lover, embrace friends and family, and to share joy and start a friendly relationship.
It is believed that this romantic tradition will be able to strengthen the connection with someone and have a good year with them.

Fireworks celebrate the New Year!

The New Year in the United States is especially flashy. When the countdown is over and the New Year is reached, you will hear loud fireworks from anywhere in the United States.
Fireworks are prohibited, but it is allowed to use fireworks and celebrate on holidays specified by law.

New Year's aspirations

Many Americans create New Year's aspirations. Starting something new or set a new goal in the new year is a common custom in the United States.

Do Americans enjoy Christmas decorations even after New Year? !

I feel that many Americans are decorating Christmas until January 5 or 6. This habit dates back to the 4th century (before) when Christmas was 12 days. It is said that if you do not clean up Christmas decorations by January 5 or 6 on the night of Christmas, January 5 or 6 days, you will be unlucky.

Enjoy the year -end sale to the end

The American holiday sale usually begins in December and ends when the New Year is reached. People have a chance to buy discounted products at the end of the year, so many people shop with their families at the end of winter vacation.

After the first day, the original life

Americans take long vacations and return home to spend their time with their family. Many people begin their usual life, such as work and schools, after the New Year's Day is over.


We introduced the New Year's Eve and the customs that have been handed down for a long time. How was it? Japan spends the New Year with families, but in the United States, there are customs that gather with a large number of people and reach the new year with the loud sounds such as fireworks. Please experience the American New Year when you can travel!

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