How to sell a subscriber at the online store? Introducing how to start with Shopify and EC Force!

by Takushi Matsuura

Have you ever used a sub -school on the EC site?


In recent years, many people have used a purchase option to reach once a month on Amazon, so many people have used it.


This time, we will introduce the subscriber in SHOPIFY and EC FORCE of our EC site platform!


If you want to start a subscription on your own EC site in the future, please take a look!


Introduction of sub -skop at SHOPIFY

In order to realize sub -skop purchase/subscription with SHOPIFY, it is necessary to introduce the application.

Several sub -skop apps have been released on the SHOPIFY App Store, but this time"GO SUB"I will introduce it as an example.


SHOPIFY's sub -skop app is basicallyMonthly apporSales commissionPay and use.


From the app setting screen,

Products that set regular purchases

cycle(⚪︎ Once a month⚪︎ Once a week, etc.)

Discount rate (what percentage from normal purchase)

We will make such settings.


Once the setting is completed, the regular purchase button will be displayed on the product page.


If you select a regular option and add or settle to the cart, the order will be made for each cycle set after the first order is completed.


As for the EC management side, orders can be made for the second time just by setting the settings, so I think it is a great advantage that processing can be done in the same way as other orders.


In addition, the "GO SUB" features an analysis function, a BOX function, and a cancellation questionnaire.

EC FORCE's sub -skop

EC Force has a regular purchase option with the default function.

For those who are already using EC Force and are planning to start selling regularly, it is very helpful that there is no additional cost.

You can select a regular product and set the selling price for each regular number, the presence or absence of a fee, the delivery cycle, etc.

EC Force also has an analysis function, making it an easy -to -use cart system to increase the sales of subscs.

Difference between SHOPIFY and EC Force

Basically, both systems are needed for EC management.

Among them, the major difference between the two is the cost difference.

SHOPIFY: $ 25 ~/month + sales commission 2%~

EC Force: 49,800 yen ~/Month

SHOPIFY can be considerably reduced as running costs.

SHOPIFY may be more suitable for those who can start EC from now on.

Shopify price plan

Introducing a sub -school on an EC site is now basically.

If you are using SHOPIFY or EC Force, please take this opportunity!



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