How to implement the reservation function with SHOPIFY? Explain recommended apps, restock notifications, scheduled date display method!


What is SHOPIFY's reservation function?

SHOPIFY's reservation function is a function that allows customers to make reservations for products and services. Customers can select items and schedules that can be reserved and complete the reservation procedure.

You can have the following functions:

  1. Reservation calendar

    1. You can set a calendar that displays the schedule and time zone that can be reserved. Customers can check the available date and time and select the date and time you want to make a reservation.

  2. Reservation form

    1. You can provide a form for entering information for reservations for customers. You can collect necessary information, such as the details of the reservation and the customer information.

  3. Inventory management and reservation management

    1. You can manage inventory management and reservation management of reserved items. The number of stocks is automatically updated and can be managed so that there is no duplicate reservations.

  4. Notification and reminder

    1. You can notify the reservation confirmation, notify the reservation change, and send the reminder. You can provide customers with information on reservations and notify the reservation details and changes.

By using these functions, customers can easily make reservations on the online store, preventing opportunities due to lack of stock.

How to implement the reservation function with SHOPIFY?

SHOPIFY has several ways to implement the reservation function.

  1. Use app

    1. Find an app that provides reservation systems and calendar management tools in the SHOPIFY app store, install and use in the Shopify store.

  2. Custom coding

    1. If you develop your own reservation function, you need to use the SHOPIFY theme file or API for app developers. This allows you to create your own reservation form, calendar, customer management, etc.

  3. Use a third -party reservation system

    1. You can also integrate a third -party reservation system in the Shopify store. Use an external reservation system to create a link and embed code to provide reservation functions, and place it on the appropriate page of the SHOPIFY store.

Of these steps, the easiest way is to use the app. Here are three apps that can implement the reservation function!

The merit of implementing a reservation function in SHOPIFY

Utilizing the reservation and sales app has the following advantages.

  • Prevents opportunity loss
    • If you can't sell out of stock, you will miss the opportunity of customers you want to buy.
  • Can be sold even if the release date is undecided
    • Even if the release date is undecided at this time, you can make a plan according to the number of reservations by selling.
  • Make a sales plan
    • By knowing the number of reservations, you can make a sales and manufacturing plan.
  • It leads to withdrawal
    • If it is not sold in the first place, it will not lead to the next action of the customer, which will prevent customers from withdrawal.

5 Booking Function Implementation App Selected

RUFFRUFF reservation sale

Reduces opportunity losses before release or out of stock, and supports expanding sales!

This is a SHOPIFY app that can be easily reserved at the online store and can accept orders for unlimited reservations. By using this app, various things such as "limited -time sales", "limited time sale", "pre -release notice", "repeated sales", "member -only sale", "VIP members -only sales", "post -payment" Sale is also possible.
If it is difficult to arrive a product that is out of stock, it is also possible to notify the restock, and if it takes a long period of time from order to shipment, it is possible to delay the collection of payment. 

  • Reservation sale | You can sell not only the product page but also the TOP page, collection page, and search results page.
  • Various sales | Limited -time sales, pre -discount sales, pre -release notice, repeated sales, member -only sales, members -only sales, VIP members -only sales, etc.
  • Order restrictions / bundled restrictions | You can not order regular and reserved products at the same time, or restrict products that have passed the reservation sales deadline.
  • Postpaid | You can change the timing of the reservation order collection timing to any timing such as before shipment, and you can collect payments in bulk.
  • Translation function | The text and messages of the cart button can be translated not only in Japanese, but also to various countries such as English, Chinese, French, Italian, and Portuguese.

Ruffruff offers other useful SHOPIFY apps, so please see the official page below for details. 

Times Act | Pre -order

Can be sold even when out of stock

Times Act can continue to sell even if it is out of stock, and can automate reservations and back orders.

You can manage customers' expectations for long -term full films. All functions operate seamlessly with SHOPIFY and do not need to modify the code for installation. Support is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

It is a popular app with high reviews and evaluation.

  • Promote sales by reservation discount.
  • You can save time by turning on and off your reservation according to the stock status.
  • Reduce returns by email and SMS for reservations.
  • The shipping date is dynamically displayed in the reservation order message.
  • You can automatically tag an order with a mixture of reserved products and carts.
Times Act | Pre -order


One product is available for free.

You can automatically create a list of sold out, out of stock, and a pre -order list of products released soon.

It is a popular app with high reviews and evaluation.
One product can be used for free, so it is recommended if the number of products is small or if you want to try it for the time being.

  • Created reservations and waiting for cancellation, and sold products that are released soon and out of stock.
  • It can be switched between the button to put in the cart and the pre -order button.
  • There is no need for coding or customization of theme for installation.
  • You can send a reservation confirmation message to your customer by e -mail.

PREORDER GLOBO | Back in Stock

pre order

"PREORDER GLOBO | Back in STOCK" easily creates reservations based on the start/end of inventory, date and time reservations. Automatically add tags such as "Reservation Order, Shipping Date" to order and send reservation mail to customers.


When the product can be ordered, a notification (email or SMS) is automatically sent to the user.

  • Enable out -of -stock items or SHOPIFY's reservation button for any product
  • Discount setting by partial payment, advance reservation, pre -sale, order
  • Display custom delivery notes such as "Delivery in 21-30 days" under the reservation button
  • Display "Notify" button to out of stock
  • Automatic transmission of restocked alerts
PREORDER GLOBO | Back in Stock

Amai Preorder Manager + Notify

Reservation order is easy to set. Provides flexible payment options, such as discounts for making an order. Register, pre -sale, and alerts for new products.

  • Depending on the stock status, you can automatically set reservations and sell reservations.
  • You can customize the appearance and functions of the reservation order.
  • Change the "Purchase now" button to the "Release soon" button.
  • You can set the quantity limit on the order and display it in the product.
  • Live chat support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Amai Preorder Manager + Notify

Notify me! Back in Stock Alert

Added "notify me" widgets to the product page, homepage, and collection page. E -mail and SMS notification with no codeIt can be easily set.

  • Automatic restock notification and reminder by email/sms/passh
  • You can create a workflow in cooperation with other marketing tools.
  • Customer support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Compatible with multi -base stock, multilingual, e -mail settings, resending, etc.
Notify me! Back in Stock Alert


Utilizing the reservation and sales app has the following advantages.

  • Prevents opportunity loss
  • Can be sold even if the release date is undecided
  • Make a sales plan
  • It leads to withdrawal

It is an application you want to use aggressively because it can lead to opportunity loss!

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