How to create a mobile app with SHOPIFY


Can I create a native mobile app with Shopify?

SHOPIFY can set a native app as a sales channel.
You can install from the App Store and Google Play Store by making it a mobile app.
By providing a UI that is better than the web, you can strengthen your own branding.

How to create a mobile app

There are two specific ways to create a mobile app.

·Develop(iOS BUY SDK, Android BUY SDK
・ Use a third patisser app

    Development patterns have the advantage of being able to respond to flexible designs and realizing complicated requirements. The disadvantage is that it requires development for each OS and that it takes time to apply to each app store.
    Which method to be realized depends on the content and cost you want to implement. I will explain a little more how to use the app.

    Create a mobile app using the app

     By using the app, you can easily create a native app without coding. Here are the examples and creation steps.

    Mobile App Builder 

    The basic settings are the following 4 steps.

    1. Select your favorite design theme
    2. Set the logo and color
    3. Set the section by dragging & drop
    4. Set the navigation

    Once the settings are completed, you can write an app and apply to the app store.

    In addition, it is possible to link with reviews and filter apps.


    Introduced how to create a mobile app with SHOPIFY.
    If you use the app, anyone can easily create a mobile app.
    There is a limit on the content that can be realized only with the application without coding, so it is better to choose the means according to the content you want to realize.

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