How far can you convert to omni -channel with Shopify?


"Omni -Channel" became important in the marketing field.

SHOPIFY is characterized by being able to guide purchases in cooperation with channels such as SNS.The world's largest EC platform that can realize omni -channelis.

This time, I will explain the omni -channel in SHOPIFY.

What is omni -channel?

Omnichannel (Omnichannel) is one of the sales strategies, mainly in the retail business such as apparel, and is optimal for all kinds of contacts (channels) with customers, such as actual stores, apps, catalogs, webs, and EC sites. It is a marketing method that aims to increase sales by providing a purchase experience.

It is possible for customers to receive unified services across channels without being aware of the difference between channels when shopping, and the quality of inventory management is improved by data cooperation, and the quality of inventory management is improved. There are benefits for both sides.

For example, in the present era when smartphones have become widespread, such as being able to use the points earned by customers in real stores in real stores, it is very important for customers to be able to experience unified shopping on any channel.

How far can you convert to omni -channel with Shopify?

Realized with SHOPIFY! Three points

1. Optimization of inventory by linking inventory

On multiple platformsstockBecause it can be centrally managedIt is possible to customize flexibly. againAutomation of order management and shipping processing, etc.We can realize inventory by inventory analysis function.

2. Maximizing sales due to the maximum number of products and inventory

Since product information and inventory information can be linked in real time, it does not require a manual operation, so it leads to work efficiency, preventing sales and selling due to out of stock.

3. Providing a unified shopping experience to customers by collaboration between sales channels

We can provide a unified shopping experience across online (EC) and offline (store) to customers. For example, you can use the accumulated points at stores and ECs, or unify online and offline transactions, lead to customer sales promotion.

SHOPIFY recommended app

Next engine cooperation

Next engine is an inventory management system that allows you to automate from inventory and order to order to order.

Since the sales of each store can be analyzed from an EC perspective, inventory management and price can be realized.

Basic function

·Inventory control

Inventory cooperation of multiple malls

Centralized management of order management

Monthly usage fee

10,000 yen/month

VIP ‑ Member Program

The VIP-Member Program is an application that can centralize and management of membership systems that include points on multiple channels, such as online stores, actual stores, and mobile apps.

Basic function

・ Connect to customer repeat purchases with online stores / real stores / apps common to apps

Providing common benefits to customers with online stores / real stores / mobile apps

Proposal to customers with various points to use in the reward program

・ Promote new customers from existing customers in a friend introduction program

・ Utilizing SHOPIFY FLOW, flexibly responding to complex conditions such as birthday points.

Monthly usage fee

Basic: 300 $/month

Enterprise: 2000 $/month


This time, I explained about omni -channel in SHOPIFY.

Customers are not only in -house EC sites for companies and brands, but also on all kinds of platforms, channels, such as SNS such as Instagram and Facebook, mall -type EC, offline real store, "you can shop in your favorite way," you like. I am expecting it.

Why don't you refer to the method of "shopping experience" in SHOPIFY.

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