GPT4 is finally released! How does the EC industry change with the appearance of language specialized AI? Is there any customer service?


The evolution of AI is terrible.

Recently hereChat GPTThe artificial intelligence language model has become a hot topic in the world, but a new language model on March 14, 2023GPT4Is released and reading further topics!

"Chat GPT? GPT4? What is it! ! ]

If you are, please see this tweet first!

The simple version of this tweet isUnder the instructions of people without engineer experienceGPT4 (exactly GPT4 -based Chat GPT) was created.This means that AI created this based on simple human instructions. I feel that the future of AI taking human work is not so far.

In this article, the appearance of this GPT4How to change the EC industryI will predict. In addition, GPT4 will be briefly explained, so if you do not have the knowledge of AI, please read it to the end!

What is GPT4?

GPT4When you understand Chat GPT, which is a hot topic in the world, it will be very easy to imagine, so first Chat.I will do it from the GPT explanation!

Chat GPTTo put it simply, it was developed by an institute called Open AI.It is a very clever AI.It's so wise that you really exceed your imagination. This AI is a language -specific AI, and when you ask questions, it's a real human.Or respond more than humans.

For example, if you hear the most popular hiragana, it will answer like this.

If you ask the simple questions of everyday life, they will answer like this.

Even if you ask a slightly mean question that you can't imagine with common sense, it will deny you.

I can't believe that these respondents are doing these answers, not humans. It's such a Chat GPT, but the response that I have now posted isIt is based on the GPT3.5 language model.If you are sharp, you may notice.The GPT4 released this time is the base of this Chat GPTIt is an update version of GPT3.5.

By the way, if you charge a paid plan, you will be able to use GPT4 -based ChatGpt, so if you are interested, please check it out! →

The high -performance AI, which has already responded above, has evolved further, and at the same time, the public has made a big fuss, and at the same time.Human work is deprivedThere are many people who are worried about that.

A revolution occurs in the EC industry! ?

So, will the appearance of this AI have a big impact on the EC industry? In the first place, how does this chat robot, who are good at talking, affect the EC industry?

I explained earlier that Chatgpt is based on GPT3.5 or GPT4,In fact, GPT ○ used as this base can be used for other services.To explain in detail a little more,By using the GPT ○ API, which is the source of Chat GPT, you can create services using Chat GPT technology. And this allows the developed services to change their business, including the EC industry.

API is an abbreviation of Application Programming Interface, which is a mechanism for different software to exchange data and functions, but in this story you don't have to understand!

As a change that occurs in the EC industry by actually using the GPT4 API

The first thing that can be considered isCustomer support service disappearanceis.

I think this has already begun before Chat GPT's appearance. Thinking about it is to reduce customer support work in calls, automatic audio, and chat bot that can interact with messages. But bothNot a thing that can be called high accuracyRegarding the chat bot, it was like a system that sends a fixed statement that responds to almost a specific keyword.

However, by using GPT4, by thoroughly educating information on its own products,You will be able to answer pinpoint questions to your pinpoint questions.In the accurate process, it will be better than the support of humans who read and answer the manual in terms of product knowledge.

In addition, reply to review comments, which will be a kind of customer support, can be done in less time by using GPT4. With the power of GPT4, you can expect a reply at the same level as humans.

I'm looking forward to seeing such a service, right?

……… Actually it's already coming!

Well, no way, it has already been realized ...You are surprised that the technology progress is too early.

What is even more interesting is not only to reply to the review,A service is created that can analyze the contents of the review and understand the characteristics of the product.There is a possibility. Reviews of customers who actually use products are important data in product development, but GPT4 summarizes those data and may be able to notice the needs of customers who have been difficult to notice before. 。

Also, if the knowledge of the product will accumulate in that way,Product search with ambiguous words will be realized.

In addition to this, the language that is a large barrier in the cross -border EC is also solved at the same time.

If you do not need to translate product information yourself, you will be able to use GPT4 to contact us other than Japanese.It can be paraphrased that the borders in the EC industry have become smaller.

It also has a major impact on product development speed.

This is not limited to the EC industry, but the appearance of GPT4 can further accelerate the simplification of the AI ​​process and reduce the time spent in communication within the company. For example, it is easy to imagine real services such as notionai and tome, but with the appearance of GPT (or other language models).The production of presentation materials and the grasp of issues in meetings can be completed by reducing effort.

The reduced time required for internal communication will increase productivity and speed up the product development speed.

Note that there are still more issues!

If you have read so far, you may be excited about the GPT and want to incorporate it as soon as possible! However, there is still a need for GPT to improve.

for exampleAt the moment, the human brain is faster.Regarding GPT4, the speed of text generation is more than GPT3.5It's late, so you can't expect a quick response.

I am still worried about the accuracy of information. Compared to GPT3.5, the accuracy of the answer has increased significantly in GPT4, but there are still times when we send wrong information.It is important to note that reading the text lightly does not notice that there is a mistake in the information.

By the way, the exchange at Chat GPT I mentioned earlier is an answer based on GPT3.5, but did you notice that there was a mistake in the information?

Shima -Uma is a mammal belonging to the panda family ... that's not the case! ! !

Please note that even if you are learning from such a huge data, you may respond to the wrong information that it is still the current accuracy.

In addition, trying to use the GPT4 API will cost a lot. It is thought that the usage fee will gradually drop, but please note that the usage fee may be expensive depending on the service content.

This article summarizes the new GPT4 and the impact on the EC industry.

The evolution of AI should have a great impact on our lives and the EC industry, so let's continue to follow the information!Go RideSo mainly like thisNews related to ECPlease take a look at other news!

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