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by Chie Suzuki

"I want to start an EC store at SHOPIFY but I don't know how to attract customers."

In this article, we will introduce 5 recommended methods of attracting customers, its advantages and disadvantages, and how to attract customers in combination with SHOPIFY.

Why do you need a customer -attracting strategy?

The sales of the EC store are "number of visits✖️ Purchase rate✖️ It is determined by the customer unit price.

No matter how stylish the EC store is, even if the purchase price of each customer is high, sales will not be possible unless anyone visits the store. It is important to increase the purchase rate and customer unit price, but increasing the number of visitors to the store can increase the sales of the entire store.

After building the EC store, first look for measures to increase the number of visitors (how to attract customers).

Number of visits _ Purchase rate_Customer unit price

Possible issues

Even if you launch an EC store and start attracting customers, various issues will come to mind. Here are some of the possible issues.

There are many means and it is difficult to prioritize

In general, there are various means of attracting customers, such as advertising, SNS operation, and email marketing. You may not know which measure to start with, and you may not be able to get the effect you expected because you will be able to reach many things, and everything will be inefficient and inefficient.

The cost is too high

When conducting listing ads, a typical advertising method, the market price is said to be about 20-500,000 yen per month. If you squeeze the keywords to reduce your budget, it is possible that the search volume will be reduced and the cost effectiveness will be reduced.

Learning costs are high and operation is troublesome

If you operate an advertisement in -house, it takes a lot of cost and effort. You need to investigate and set up your own, such as market surveys, target selection, and advertising statements. More and more things that need to be taken care of every day, such as daily advertising budget checks and shop operations.

So what is needed to grow the EC store? I will explain.

How to attract customers for each store size

If the scale of the EC store is still small, we recommend attracting customers with performance -type. Speaking of a performance -type customer attracting customers, affiliates, etc. can be used, so it can be operated at low risk because there is no cost until the purchase is purchased, so even if you can not spend a lot of budgets for attracting customers yet, comparison. You can use it with peace of mind.

Once you have a foundation reward, we recommend that you start a click billing advertisement. Known for click billing ads are Google listing ads and Meta ads. In particular, you can expect to be potentially recognized by using SNS ads such as Meta advertisements (Instagram, Facebook). It is important to operate daily SNS in parallel with SNS ads.

Let's improve the CVR according to attracting customers from around 500,000 yen, and aim to increase sales.

About the type of how to attract customers

There are two types of ways to attract customers: free of charge and paid customers.

In the case of free customers, there are SEO measures, SNS operation, and the operation of blog -owned media. It takes a lot of time for the effect to appear, but it is characterized by the time it takes time.

Examples of paid customers include achievement -type reward advertisements and click billing advertisements introduced earlier. Although it is quicker than free to attract free customers, as soon as the ad is stopped, the profit from there is gone.

Now, I will explain the advantages and disadvantages of each ad.

Free attracting customers

Free customers: SEO measures

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a method for displaying websites and pages at the top of the search engine. It is important to investigate keywords, optimize content, prepare metadata, and increase external links. Be careful of user experience. It is a continuous task, and valuable content is the key to success.

Benefits of SEO measures

Organic traffic increase:

SEO measures increase organic traffic (natural access) from search engines. Because the target user searches and visits themselves, it is highly likely that you are interested and the conversion rate is easy to improve.

Long -term effect:

SEO requires continuous initiatives, but if efforts begin to bear fruit, you can expect long -term effects. Once ranked at the top, a stable inflow can be obtained.

Website reliability and authority:

Ranking to the top improves the reliability and authority of the website. The search engine trusts the top -ranked sites, making it easier for users to trust.

Cost -efficient marketing:

Compared to paid advertisements and other marketing methods, SEO is a high cost efficiency. You can reduce advertising costs and make long -term revenue.

Differentiation from competitors:

SEO measures can be differentiated from competitors. Even if you provide similar products and services, if you have an excellent SEO strategy, your website will be given priority.

Disadvantages of SEO measures

Time and effort request:

SEO takes time to get the effect. In order to acquire the higher ranking, you need continuous efforts to meet competition with competitors and to change the algorithm change of search engines. It can take several weeks to months to see the results.

There is no guarantee of results:

Investing in SEO measures does not always rank high. The algorithm of the search engine is complicated and fluctuates, so success is not guaranteed. In particular, it is very difficult to acquire the top ranks with particularly popular keywords, and competition with competitors may intensify. Especially in an industry where competing is intense, it is difficult to acquire higher rankings.

Response to changes in algorithm:

Search engines frequently change the algorithm. This can lose the effect of the previously effective SEO strategy. You need to respond quickly to the new algorithm.

Competition with paid advertisements:

While efforts to acquire the higher ranking are required, paid ads are also a factor in competing. Competitive companies that use paid advertisements may be difficult to compete with SEO measures alone.

Resource burden:

SEO measures require specialized knowledge and may need to hire experienced experts and SEO staff. This may cause additional costs.

SEO measures are one of the ways to attract customers from the beginning, as it leads to long -term inflow.

Free customers: Blog Owned Media Operation

Blog Own Media Management is an activity that is useful for marketing, SEO improvement, traffic increase, and communication with customers by providing regular information on its own websites. Continuous efforts and content that draws readers are important.

Benefits of blog -owned media operation

Marketing effect: 

By providing things related to brands and useful information on the genre, you can build trust with target users and enhance brand awareness and royalty.

SEO improvement, traffic increase:

Accessing many users via a search engine will increase traffic on websites. By providing high -quality content, you can expect to improve the ranking from search engines.

Reed acquisition:

Through high -quality content, you can acquire potential customers (leads) and lead to business results.


It can be used as a place for communication with users and customers, and can help improve by gaining feedback.

Disadvantages of blog -owned media operation

Ensuring time, effort and resources:

Continuous content creation and update require time and effort, and requires efforts and resources to operate constantly.

Competition with competition:

Blogs and owned media have a lot of competitors, and they need to differentiate to stand out.

Technical knowledge:

Technical knowledge is required for blog management. It is important to have one professional genre to aim for the top search.

Difficulty of performance measurement:

It is difficult to see if the appropriate indicators to measure the results are vague and properly operated. It is difficult to get results immediately.

It is recommended that blogs and owned media operations are less prioritized than SEO measures, and after the operation system and sales are available.

Free customers: SNS operation

SNS operation is to send information and communicate with social media such as LINE, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Submit the content that suits the target user regularly to build a relationship with followers. Appropriate platform selection and schedule management are important, and data analysis and advertising are improved. However, care must be taken for information diffusion and management difficulties.

Benefits of SNS operation

Brand recognition and exposure increase:

Utilizing social media can improve brands and business awareness and have more recognition of more users.

Communication with the target:

SNS promotes two -way communication. It is possible to directly exchange followers, making it easier to grasp customer voices.

Target Marketing:

Target marketing is possible by setting targets based on user attributes and interests and providing more appropriate content.

Increase traffic and improve engagement:

By sharing high -quality content and links on SNS, you can expect more traffic to websites. Increasing engagement such as comments and likes makes it easier for followers to increase loyalty.

Disadvantages of SNS operation

Management difficulty:

SNS operation requires continuous time and requires resources for operation. When operating multiple social media platforms, it may be difficult to post at an appropriate timing of information or content at the right time.

Response to negative comments:

Sometimes negative comments and ratings are gained on SNS. It is important to respond appropriately. It is essential to take into account that it may burn.

Measurement of results:

It may be difficult to accurately measure the results of SNS operation. Measurement of ROI (investment -effectiveness) may be an issue.

Competition with competition:

Because SNS is a platform that anyone can easily start, it is a place where competition with competitors is fierce. Differentiation is required to stand out.

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Attracting paid customers

Paid customers: Achievement reward -type advertisements

A performance-based advertising is an advertising form that pays a fee only when a specific result is achieved when an advertiser pays an advertising fee. Advertising fees are determined based on the actual achievements. Specific results are different depending on the goals set by advertisers, such as clicks, leads, sales, and apps downloads. It is often used in digital marketing, especially for affiliate marketing and advertising campaigns that emphasize conversions.

Advantages of performance -type advertising

Risk reduction:

Advertisers can reduce the risk of advertising because they do not pay advertising fees until results are obtained.

Easy effect measurement:

Since the results are measured by numerical values, it is easy to evaluate the effects of the advertisement, and it is easy to calculate ROI (investment -effectiveness).

Cost efficiency:

You can pay only for effective advertisements, as there is no charge until the results are achieved. It is possible to reduce unnecessary advertising expenses.

Motivation improvement:

Advertising media and partners can expect more aggressive advertising promotions to receive rewards by achieving results.

Advertising that suits the target:

In performance -based advertisements, only a specific action can be charged, so you can achieve effective advertisements according to the target.

Disadvantages of performance reward advertising

Determination of achievement:

If the results are not obtained, the fee will not be charged, but it may not be possible to get the results, so it may be difficult to guarantee the revenue.

Increased cost due to intensification of competition:

Due to the effective reward advertisements, the competition may increase and the competition of advertising media and partners may intensify. Depending on the selected ASP, the cost may be much higher.

Continuous management is required:

Continuous management and monitoring are required to operate performance -type ads. You need to select an appropriate advertising partner and optimize conversion.

We recommend that you first consider the first -time advertising advertisement because it is a low -risk method of attracting customers until the conversion occurs.

Paid customers: Click billing advertisement

A click billing advertisement (Pay-per-click Advertising, PPC advertising) refers to an advertisement that pays the advertiser according to the number of times the company's advertisement is clicked. In the advertising budget set by the advertiser, an advertisement is charged by actually clicking on the advertisement. Typical PPC advertising platforms include Google ads and Meta ads (Facebook ads, Meta ads). In these platforms, advertisers set the bid amount according to the click and compete with competitors to determine the display ranking of the ad.

Advantages of click billing ads

Payment -oriented payment:

The advertiser pays the click according to the number of clicks, so it is important whether the advertisement is actually interested in the user.

Easy effect measurement:

Since the number of clicks is measured by numerical values, the effects of the advertisement can be easily evaluated and the effects of the ads can be measured directly.

Target Marketing:

You can set the target based on keywords and interests, and focus on the target user.

Advertising budget management:

Because it is easy to manage advertising budgets, advertisers can easily control costs and prevent unnecessary advertising costs.

Suitable for the intention of the user:

The conversion rate increases when the user is spontaneously clicking advertisements, and when ads match the user's search intentions and interests.

Disadvantages of click billing ads

If you can't get results just by clicking:

Since the fee is paid on a click unit, clicking alone may not be able to get results. If you value conversion (achievement of goals), not only clicks but also subsequent actions are important.

Competition intensifies:

There are many competitors in popular keywords and targets, so the unit price to increase the display ranking of ads may increase.

Advertising banner quality:

Advertising banners and content quality that affect the click rate of advertisements are important. You need to create an attractive and induced advertisement.

Immediate effects may not be expected:

Since clicking alone may not get direct results, you need a follow -up method that matches the target.

If you can spend a certain budget (300,000 yen or more) to the ad, we recommend a click billing advertisement that can approach users in a relatively short period of time.


What did you think? This article introduces how to attract customers when starting the EC store in SHOPIFY.

As a need for attracting customers, sales are determined by the number of visits x purchase rate x customer unit price, so it is important to increase the number of visitors. The challenges include a large number of means, high costs, and labor.

As a recommended method for each store size, small stores propose a reward -type customer, click billing advertisements, SNS advertisements, and large stores propose CVR improvement. The method of attracting customers is divided into free -to -attract customers (SEO, SNS operation, blog) and paid customers (performance -type advertisements, click billing ads).

How to attract customers in the EC store depends on the store situation.

If you don't know where to start, or if you are lost in how to attract customers in the store, why not consult once?

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