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by Takushi Matsuura

May 2024 update information

Thank you for always using Go Sub.

From the update on May 27, 2024, GO SUB will be able to use a new price plan.

You can use it at a great price for everyone, so please consider the introduction of a sub -skask and switch to the sub -school app at this opportunity!

GO SUB new fee

Starter plan basic free fee 2%

Go Sub Plan $ 39/month (up to 1000 contracts)

Standard plan $ 79/month (up to 5000 contracts)

Premium plan $ 119/month (up to 10000 contracts)

Enterprise plan custom fee (if the number of contracts exceeds 10,000)

In a plan other than the starter planSales commission is 0%And the monthly fee is now available!

(If the number of contracts is 1000 or moreinquiryplease)

Go Sub New Pricing

In the subspecy app, the sales commission is a few percent (if a 2000 yen sub -skook product is purchased, a few percent will be charged as a commission).

If you look at each contract, it doesn't seem to be that big, but in stores with a sub -skook sales of 1 million yen a month, you will get an additional 10,000 yen.

Example) In the case of GO SUB so far

Subsque sales 5 million yen (800 contracts) Sales fee 1%$ 39 + 25,000 yen

For new plans for Go Sub

This 25,000 yen is free!

Some stores may be higher than the monthly app and the price of the SHOPIFY plan.

In stores that are trying to grow the sub -skop and make stable sales, sales commissions will not be ignored.

If you are currently selling a sub -ski, if you are worried about the sales commission, please calculate how much it costs a month, and if you are worried about the commission, please consider switching to GO SUB.

GO SUB will continue to update to make Subsque sales more convenient at SHOPIFY.

Please contact us anytime for questions about apps and app transition!



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