[GO SUB] Introduction of CATMANIA

by Kaho Okazaki

We sell mainly pet suppliesCatmania Mr.OnGO SUB We have introduced.

CAT MANIA was mined from Turkey's high -quality White Bent Night MineWe sell cats carefully manufactured using 100%natural ingredients.

CatmaniaIs also the product name of the cat sand, and the production of Bentnight mining and cat sand15Turkish company with year experienceMCL BENTONITEIt is a brand.

1. High deodorant effect

Suppress the smell of excrement with a natural bentonite

2. Clean white

Even if you put it in your room, not only is it fashionable, but it can also check the color of excrement, which helps you manage your health.

3. Thorough dust cut

The two -stage sifting at the time of manufacture reduces the dust peculiar to minerals, and the heat treatment is also hygienically safe.

4. Excellent adsorption

It is easy to clean because the excrement is solidified

Currently at the shop

・ Those with carbon particles with particles

・ Those with a baby powder scent

・ The performance has been further improved by the carpon coating

of3Types are sold

Operates CATMANIAMillize JapanteethAmazon management agencyConsulting workIt is also done.

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Kaho Okazaki

Account Manager/Designer

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