GO RIDE A large consecutive holiday is a work week Hokkaido worries and surfing

by Toyo Hirashima

[Sunset seen in Shiretoko]


In Go Ride, large -scale holidays are in the work mode because it is a remote recommendation week.


This system will be a system for going home and traveling flexibly, such as during consecutive holidays, taking a break and working.

For consecutive holidays, you can enjoy the benefits because the price of airplanes and hotels will change significantly just by shifting the holidays for one day or two.


For example, you can work from your stay without having to return to your place for two -day working days.


This time, I spent the operation day between Obon in Obihiro.


The bullet tour course this time looks like this

Wakkanai 1 night (staying in the car)

One night (staying in the car)

Obihiro 4 nights (business hotel)


The detour was also a little bit, such as Lake Kussharo, so I guess I ran about 1500 km.


Nora of the Breakwater Dome



First of all, we went north to Wakkanai and had sea urchin and seafood bowl.


I was exhausted and stayed in a car near the breakwater dome, and it was midsummer, but it was usually cold. Some people wear down at night


It's a good shock to see people who are down at the summer festival



Near the breakwater dome is full of camping cars in the car



There was also a Kyushu number in the south of cars from all over Japan.



Get up early the next day and go to the Sarupayu area


I searched for surfing points near Okhotsk Usai Yuki, but I couldn't find it and gave up without the wind


There were points that could be done without the wind




For the time being, I went down to Shari Town at a stretch. On this day, I stayed at the roadside station.


At night, it cooled down to 13 degrees, so I had a valuable experience of attaching two hokkairo to sleep while freezing in midsummer.


The next day, I found the points on the East Pacific side called Shiranuka, and this time this is the first surfing of Hokkaido.

It was a chartered surfing (completely unmanned),

It happened to rise

I was told by the local people in various ways.


There was only one place where the surroundings went up with a tetra, so it was very good to see the current in advance.



Thank you for using the shower.



Go south to Obihiro and have Indian curry




Water, Thursday, Friday, and 3 days, I worked with a can at the hotel in Obihiro


I surfed in Hiroo Town on Friday morning and evening.


Typhoon No. 7's swell came in firmly and I was able to hit it perfectly.

There is a waterfall near the point and a natural shower condition



I was working at this cafe


The meeting can be held in the car, so the car is in the state

I ate sardine kabayaki for the first time, but it was so delicious.

It seemed to be using Rising Sun Coffee beans.


So it was the best workings because of work and waves in a different environment.


Working week is a system that enables flexible working styles and is very satisfying in yourself.

Go Ride is currently active in these positions.

Account manager


Digital marketer



One -stop offered from EC construction to advertising operation.