From free chat to bot, online customer support

Previously, chat -type customer support that can be used by Slack that we have also used.SlaaskI introduced it, but many people were interested in online customer support, so I would like to look at other services this time.

About introduction examples

First, I will introduce how online customer support services are used. There are various attempts, and it can be said that it is a system that is attracting attention. For sites and companies that have many major inquiries, such as chatbots correspond to basic information, and more complicated content may be corresponding to people. In addition, chatbots and AI are personized as characters.

Askul LOHACO's Manami is famous, but Aoi -san will be able to customer at ASKUL, a LOHACO operating company.

Nano Universe mail order It is a new employee bot that will provide inquiries and recommended products online.

Shibuya Ward It is a first -year elementary school student AI with a resident card in Shibuya Ward. You can communicate with LINE.

Introducing online support service

speaklyn A system that uses Facebook Messenger that can be introduced for free. You can set up the URL or language of Facebook in the online editor and chat simply by listing the generated script on the site. A Facebook account is required for a customer to start chat, so the target is limited, but it may be safe in terms of security. Fee: Free Need: Facebook account

Chatra Simple live chat. It can be easily installed on the site with widget code placement or application. Fee: Free ~ Features: 14 days free trial

Zendesk Chat (Zopim) Automatic action of 400 or more patterns of more than 400 patterns can be set according to the visitor's behavior, and chat can be installed simply by listing the tag on the site. Initial cost: ¥ 0 Fee: Monthly ¥ 1,700 ~ Plan target: Startup companies, small and medium -sized enterprises, large companies Features: Free trial for 30 days

slaask It is a customer support that can be used with Slack, which is easy to install. BOT support is also possible, and we also use it. Fee: Monthly $ 29 ~ Features: 14 days free trial

Intercom Introducing is easy (script embedding, plug -in, etc.) and can be integrated with many tools such as Salesforce and Slack. Fee: Monthly $ 53 ~ Features: 14 days free trial

Wazzup Recommended for EC site management, it is a system that automatically contacts us on LINE, notification and coordination of new products. Initial cost: ¥ 100,000 ~ Fee: Monthly ¥ 30,000 ~


Customer chat and chatbots that are likely to increase the number of sites to be adopted in the future, but I think that the system used depends on the application and usage, so please try various things that can be used for the free period. How about?
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