France's scenic beach town HOSSEGOR

It is a surfed destination that is not very familiar to Japanese surfing in France. But the city is very beautiful, of course, the food is delicious, and in the fall, there is a waving from the Atlantic Ocean. And French surfers are generally very kind to Japanese surfers. Surfing in the morning and relaxed with croissants and freshly brewed coffee at the cafe, if the waves are good, drink another round, if it is no good, drink wine at the cafe from noon to excite with other travelers and local surfers .. ... In the midsummer in July and August, it is difficult to find parking in the center of the town crowded with people from all over Europe, but from the fall, the city has regained a little calm, and the Atlantic swells have begun to enter, surfing. It will be the season. Many top riders, including Hosego Leonardo Philobantini, who have nurtured European top riders, are based in Hosego. By the way, from here, I would like to introduce the city of Hoseego. The cafe de paris surf shop is also blended into the cityscape in the center of quick silver and in the back. Img_2569 After surf beer time in Cafe de Paris slowly flows. The Volcom logo is printed on the table, but it is unique to Hoseego. Img_2548 Breakfast is a recommended croissant here and the staff is gentle, so you don't have to worry about WiFi in Le Bremontier. About 2 minutes walk from Cafe de Paris. Img_2533 I greatly exceeded the deliciousness of this chocolate croissant and the understanding of the croissant in myself. Isn't croissant for French people like rice for Japanese people? Img_2392 There are various choices for dinner, and it is fun to choose. Img_2588 Img_2279 And in October, a quick professional of the CT World Tour will be held. (This year is October 6-17th) Please see this wave. Can you believe it? Conditions that are difficult to out without jet ski assist This is the Quick Pro in 2014. John John won the god -like riding. Img_2377 Thousands of people rush to the beach. Just a big event! To be honest, it was shocking for me that people gather so far! Img_2356 The actual surf point of Hoseego is about 5-10 minutes by car from the city, rushing to the sea beyond the dunes of the beach, so you can't confirm the condition, so your feelings are missing. Img_2558 (1) You can meet such a landscape Img_2564 I sometimes see nudists unique to Europe. Img_2571 If you go to the Capbriton side on the other side over the river, a variety of breaks, such as Santosha and La Pista, are scattered every hundreds of meters. Hossegor's main point or La Pista in the back is often used for shooting professional riders. It is a good memory that I did the same point in the same point in Kanoa Igarashi and Leo Fioravanti, which was the top rider during the QUICK PRO. Img_2523 I would like you to feel the unique rhythm of Europe, a slow flowing flowing in Hosego, France, which is close to the Basque region and in Mundaka in Spain. You may be able to meet such a wonderful wave HOSSEGOR 2014 Img_2349 BIARRITZ 2014 Vialitz@ 10ft+ Img_2652 Lafitenia 2014 Raffitenia Lafitenia-BUS-2 Lafitenia-bus Lafitenia-bus3 When this point came out seriously, the amount of water was terrible. Perfect point break Img_2761 Lafitenia-Wave Recommended plan I think it is common for Joseego to take about 7 hours by car from Paris, or to the airport in Viaritz by plane and fly by plane. My personal recommendation is to visit in the latter half of September and see Quick Pro in early October ... The water temperature is still high, and depending on the day, I think that there are days when you can enter with board shorts. I recommend bringing a full suit just in case, but I often thought it was too hot in early October because I wore 3mm in early October. I think it's perfect if you have a spring and 2mm full. Click here for recommended missions of surf lip belongings. As a result of a one -year surf that you want to bring to the surf lip

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