[For beginners] Google Ads and Google Merchant Center (GMC) Advantages


Online advertisements that have become commonplace in this age. For business owners and marketers, advertising online platforms is an important way to effectively appeal to target users of products and services.

Google offers Google Ads, the advertising platform, and Google Merchant Center, a product information management tool. This time, I will look in detail about the basic concepts and cooperation of Google Ads and Google Merchant Center.

Google ads

Google advertisement is a powerful online advertising platform where companies can post ads to potential customers. By using this platform, companies can manage advertisements on Google search results pages and partner sites in real time. Google ads provide a variety of advertising campaign setting options, such as optimization of advertising budgets, setting keywords, geographical targeting, and distribution for each device.

The biggest advantage of Google Ads is that you can display ads based on the search intent of the target user. Google has a huge amount of data and analyzes user search history, interests, and behavior patterns. This allows companies to display ads based on specific keywords and approach highly relevant users. In addition, there is a wealth of analysis tools for tracking the results of the advertising campaign and optimizing based on data.

In order to make effective use of Google ads, it is important to select appropriate keywords and improve advertising quality score. Choosing a keyword requires understanding of the advertiser's business goal and the target market. In addition, improving quality score affects advertising quality and landing pages. For effective management of Google advertising, it is important to consider the optimization of the advertising campaign and the differentiation from competitors.

Google MerChant Center

Google Merchant Center is a tool for managing product information and displaying it in Google advertising and Google shopping functions. Companies can upload product information to Merchant Center in a format called data feed and use it as part of advertising and search results.

The Merchant Center allows you to set the product information detailed and provide important information such as title, price, stock status, and images. This will display accurate and attractive product lists on search results pages and Google shopping.

With recent updates, Google Merchant Center offers new features. For example, Google Discovery Ads allows users to use attractive ads to use Merchant Center data feed. By using this feature, users can see product advertisements that are interested in Discovery feeds, YouTube, and Google properties such as Gmail.


Google Ads and Google Merchant Center are essential tools for successful online advertising campaigns. Google ads display highly relevant ads to target users and support effective advertising campaigns. Merchant Center, on the other hand, facilitates accurate and attractive product information and deploys advertising.

The combination of Google Ads and Merchant Center is a powerful marketing tool in business. By using it correctly, you can increase competitiveness and promote online business growth. Use Google Ads and Merchant Center from today to carry out effective online advertising campaigns.

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