First softboard experience! Perfect for a single summer swimming in Shonan in the summer?

Summer Shonan Sunehiza Toro Wave
☓Conditions close to

It is a condition of the level where you can not enter because it will not be a little surfing if you are usually a little.

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BEATER comes out and the sponge board takeoff, which has completely gained citizenship in Japan, can be played on the shore break quickly, and for top professionals, attack the pipeline with a sponge board.
Some people like Jamie Obrien.
In the video below, we not only attack pipes with soft tops, but also to board transfers.

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I thought it would be facing the small wave of Shonan, so I wanted to ride it someday, but this time I had a test ride.

For the first time this timeMasterworks Producing

Water Rampage model BLACK JOKE

I rode for the first time on the soft top board.

Very wide compared to regular surfboards

5.0 x 22 x 2 4/3 38 liters, specifications

At this time, I use Warm or TROPICAL wax, but it was easier to apply COLD on the softboard, so I applied the COLD top wax and used 38 liters, so the takeoff is quick and fast, the corn cave shape is also a corn cave shape. It seems to be excellent in straightness.

Gungun board runs even on sneaks or powerless winds.

Since it was a multi -plug setting, I played with a twin fin with an FCS fin.

It's pretty loose even with twins because the tail is wide.

It was a comment from a professional surfer, but if it is a reasonable size, it seems that you often get on the quad setting.

Even if you were a twin, if you had a peach size, it was quite slid, this was fun.

The next day, when I rode a twin with a peach or waist -sized wind wave set, the bottom turn sometimes got off.

It may be easier to play Quad from the chest.

If it is a snack, it seems more fun to turn it with a finness.

Of course, if you are a master, you can ride it with an overhead.

It's perfect for those who surf for the first time.

Even if there are people who can't surf the family, if you have this, you may be able to enjoy your first surfing from children to adults.

The takeoff is fast and it is a soft top, so it does not break easily.

It may be good to get the feeling of sliding on the waves for the time being.

In fact, on this day, some parents and children were riding soft tops.

The model called BLACK JOKE has a professional surfer riding video that can be used in various ways.

Almost standing from a long board take -off position and swell.

The following videos are BEATER, but it may be helpful in the image.

At the master level, it seems that this can be done with the J Bay wall ...

It is a size that can be entered into the trunk of 5.0 (about 150 cm), so I think that you can enjoy it even if you have a family as a beat board with your family.

From the first surfing to advanced users, you can enjoy each level at each level

The price is cheaper than the so -called general short board and mini board, and it is a fan that does not hurt for small waves and sea baths.

■ Recommended accessories recommended for summer swimming and surfing

The stick type is convenient for sunscreen

After all, if you go to the sea, the amphibious board shorts are convenient

The long type of surfing inner is better, so there is no peach.

It can be used in amphibious and is quick -drying and useful

If you go with a couple, bring a poncho and you will be pleased when you change into girls.

Surf watch is a stable Nixon

After all Wax is the most gripped. It's expensive, but it's charming

You may be worried about this article

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