[Explanation of INSTAFEED] Cooperation between Shopify and Instagram account


Are you using SHOPIFY and working well with the Instagram account?

In running EC sites, marketing strategies in cooperation with Instagram accounts are now the mainstream of the industry.

In this article, apps that can link SHOPIFY and InstagramInstafeedI would like to briefly introduce about it.

Instafeed service and features

  • Automatically import the latest posts on the linked Instagram account on the SHOPIFY site
  • Three plans are available
    • Free version
    • Professional ($ 5.99/MONTH)
    • Plus ($ 15.99/Month)
  • Instagram content is reflected on the site with simple operations that do not require coding
  • Compatible with all devices and themes

Next, let's look at what you can do with each plan.

Because there is a paid version, isn't the free version of the service? I think many people think that, but that is not the case.

In the free version

  • Video upload

  • Display type selection (grid or slider)

  • Automatic optimization of layout

  • Link to Instagram account / Popup

 Is possible.

Since the basic functions are available, most site operators seem to be satisfied with the free plan.

Let's take a closer look at the functions.

Video upload

You can also display the posted videos on the site.

You can display videos that actually use products. It is helpful to save the trouble of posting videos on the site.

Viewing format selection

You can choose a grid type or slider format.

You can choose the format that matches according to the brand image and site theme.

Automatic optimization of layout

It is automatically optimal when you change the size of the window or depending on the size of the display screen by the device. This prevents some of the posted images from being disclosed or halfway.

Link to Instagram account / Popup

When you click on the post, you can move to Instagram as it is or display only the post.

It is easy to follow your account, making it easier to make people who become a brand fan.

By the way, the management screen looks like this.

Instafeed Control Panel

On the left of the screen, you can adjust the title, layout, gap between the images, etc., and a preview will be displayed immediately to the right of the screen.

The above is the free version of the service.

It is very helpful for the site operator to be able to use the minimum required for free.

Next, let's look at the professional plan service.

($ 5.99/Month)

The following functions are added to the professional plan in addition to the free version function.

  • Product tagging

  • Upload REELS Profile Photos

  • More advanced layout configuration

  • Create up to 3 different feed columns

  • Display of likes and number of followers

Product tagging

It is possible to attach a product tag to the posted image.

CV improvement can be improved because users who are interested in posting will be able to go directly to the product page.


REELS Profile Photo Upload

Reel videos and profile photos can be uploaded on the site.

Recently, there are many branded accounts that are focusing on reels, so it is a very useful function.


More advanced layout configuration

Customization is possible with a high degree of freedom in the display format.

You can customize it to match the theme and appearance of the site.

Create up to 3 different feed columns

It is possible to create a column to display up to three feed posts on the site.

If you can place multiple locations on the TOP page, the appeal of the Instagram account will be easier to reach users.

Display of likes and number of followers

You will be able to select/hide the number of likes and the number of followers in the account. Posts that have gained a lot of likes will increase the trust of the brand.

Professional plan is full of very useful functions as business size grows.

Finally, let's look at the plus plan service.

($ 15.99/month)

With the highest plan plus plan, the following features are added in addition to the functions of the free version and profile plan.

  • Create an unlimited feed display column

  • Filter by hashtag

Create an unlimited feed display column

In the free plan, up to one, you can create an unlimited feed display column with up to three in the professional plan.

It's a great feature for brands that are focusing on Instagram posting variations.

Filter by hashtag

Only posts with specific hashtags can be displayed. If you have a hashtag by category, you can arrange photos of genres similar to the feed display.


By posting a variety of product images and videos on the site through the Instafeed app, you can appeal to the site visitors because you can appeal to the site visitors.

Let's take advantage of the cooperation between Instagram and EC site!


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