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by Subin Chan
(↑ I really like this photo that is a perfect match with the kitchen at home.) Google Home, Sony LF-S50G, LINE Clova Wave, etc. As the latest latest smart speakers are on sale one after another I guess the number of houses with smart speakers in the family is increasing. Echo dots, which was previously introduced in Go Ride News, has been increasing sales since 2017, which was launched in Japan. So, this time, I got a 7 -inch touch screen with a 7 -inch touch screen released by Amazon in 2017, so I would like to introduce what I could actually use and how to use it. I think. This is not released in Japan, but it is expected to land in Japan after Echo Dots.

What is Echo Show?

Echo Show refers to a speaker that supports the dialogue -type audio operation called a smart speaker, and is also called an AI speaker. This AI speaker is a smart speaker that uses a PC or smartphone to check the weather and temperature via the Internet, watch music, watch video, and do online shopping without using a PC or smartphone. Most of the smart speakers on sale have many cylindrical speakers with several buttons, but the Echo Show introduced this time is a smart speaker with a 7 -inch touch screen, so it is impossible with voice alone. And operation is possible. Echo Show In addition, the audio alone has troublesome operation and functional feeling, so it may be perfect for those who already have a speaker type.

Echo Show size, type, price

It is 184mm long, 187mm in width, 90mm in height, and 1170g, so it has a screen, so it is larger than other AI speakers, but if you actually look at it, it has a compact size with a screen. I think it is. The weight is reasonable, but if you make the size smaller, it doesn't make sense to have a screen. The touch panel reaction is also firm, and if you operate it faster than speaking, you can also touch it. This is the real pleasure with a screen. Anyway, it is convenient to have a screen because it is hardly possible to operate other than audio with a normal screen without a normal screen. Echo Show touch panel Also, Echo Show has 2 patterns, This time I purchased WHITE, but there are other Black colors and you can choose according to the interior. Echo Show Black The price is also on the screen and is currently sold at Amazon in the United States for $ 222.99.

What you can do with the Lord in Echo Show

Now I will introduce what Echo Show can do.
  • Check the weather and temperature
    It responds to the weather and temperature of the day from the location information.
  • Calendar check
    Not only the calendar check, but also a new schedule can be added only in voice.
  • Timer and alarm settings
    It is possible to set only audio, such as timer settings and wake -up time settings.
  • Watch the news
    Read out the news of your favorite news site
  • Smart home
    Make electricity on and off and electrical appliances only with voice
  • Order Amazon products
    Order the product only by voice with your own Amazon account
  • Sending message
    You can send a message to the designated person only by voice
  • Answer simple questions
    It will respond to information from Wikipedia, such as simple questions and things you can't remember.
  • What kind of question can
    It will give you a reference example of what questions you can ask for Echo Show.
  • Interesting and nothing joke
    If you ask me to say something, it will be interesting or nothing, but it will respond.
From here on, it will be a function unique to a smart speaker with a touch screen, This time, I would like to introduce the above six points in detail about the functions unique to the touch screen.

Alexa app

First of all, when using the Echo series, not just Echo Show Downloading the Alexa app is required. Alexa appAlexa app Download the Alexa app on your mobile phone or Google Play Set WiFi and devices. Please check the setting method for the same method as the previously introduced Echo Dots. (The article of Echo DotsHere) * Echo Show is not compatible with Japanese, but I think the setting method is uniform even if you land in Japan. Then, I will introduce the functions unique to the touch screen below.

Screen screen settings

Adjust the brightness of the screen screen and set your favorite photos in the background image from the photos of your mobile phone. This feature is not found in smart speakers that are sold a lot With a 7 -inch touch screen, you can set the home screen to your favorite photo. The setting itself can be changed in the Alexa app, so you can select your favorite photo from the mobile phone. It is easy to operate visually while looking at the screen. In my case, there were more than hundreds of photos on my mobile phone, so I was worried about which photo was made on the screen screen. 。 Echo Show Change the screen depending on where you place Echo Show, which can be used as an interior.

Music appreciation

The 90's, Rock, R & B, Hippop, and singer names, etc. can be played only with audio. And the lyrics are also displayed You can enjoy watching music on Amazon Music, radio, and Spotify. If you log in to your Spotify account in the Alexa app, you can play your playlist only with audio. In addition, just ask for the playback of your favorite singer and song name, and you will play the music. Up to this point, it will be a function that is provided in all Echo series, Echo Show displays lyrics in any song. Echo Show After getting the Echo Show, I put it in front of the kitchen as shown in the picture above, repeated the songs of my favorite "Johnmayer" while cooking and remember the lyrics. Ideal when there is a song that you can check or learn the phrases that you are listening to Western music and do not understand before. You can also stop playing music that you are playing or rewind. Since the Echo Show itself has a button to raise and lower the volume, the volume adjustment can only be used as well as audio.

Video and movie appreciation are possible

You can watch Amazon Prime movies and YouTube videos If you are a member of Amazon Prime, you can enjoy Amazon Video on Echo Show. You can watch movies while cooking in the kitchen or watch videos on YouTube. It is a function unique to a smart speaker with a screen screen. Unfortunately, it seems that only Amazon Prime videos and YouTube can be played on Echo Show. However, as described in the previous article, downloading apps with your favorite functions than in the Alexa app and making your own smart speaker is the feature of the Echo series. Therefore, if the types of apps become more abundant in the future, it may eventually be able to watch movies on Netflix and Hulu. Echo Show YouTube

Cooking recipe check

If you specify a cooking recipe, you can propose multiple ways to make the dishes. Echo Show displays the recipes of the dishes specified by audio. When I cook well, I check the recipe on my mobile phone It was very troublesome because my hands were dirty and my cell phone was not touched, or the screen disappeared after a while. After the Echo Show comes, display the recipe of the specified dishes only by voice while cooking, And the displayed recipe scrolling, etc. can also be operated by voice, so it is very convenient when the hands are blocked. As expected, with a smart speaker with only voice, the recipe cannot be repeated. 。 This is also unique to a smart speaker with a screen screen. This time, I decided to make something for a cohabitant who had a cold summer, so I actually searched for chicken noodle soup using Echo Show, and checked how to make it with voice only. In fact, the Echo Show when I am cooking looks like this. ↓ Echo Show food Since the pronunciation of English is still far from, sometimes it was called "I don't know the word", but chicken noodle soup, which is well -known for its cohabitants, can be completed using Echo Show. rice field. Echo Show food Also, Echo Show proposes multiple recipes, so it's one of the pleasures to think about which one to try. To be honest, this was the most nice function.

Search for shops

Search for shops with your favorite genre in the specified area It will show you a list of restaurants that are still vacant in the neighborhood or your favorite genre. This also picks up and displays the corresponding restaurants and shops by using your favorite genre and your favorite area or neighborhood. Echo Show Video In the video above, we searched for a SUSHI restaurant in the neighborhood and listed it. Because it is a list from YELP, you can decide where you want to go by checking reviews and photos because of reliability. The search results are also shared by the Alexa app, so you can immediately check the shops you have viewed on the Echo Show without having to search again after going out. Echo Show In the United States, most people check Yelp when deciding on a restaurant. So it would be nice if you could check while looking at Echo Show before leaving the house.

Google search function

Google search and G -mail can be confirmed If you log in to your own account via the Internet, you can use Google Research Functions, check e -mails and Google Drives. You can also open Google only by voice, and you can also type the keyboard and typing what you want to search on Google Search. This can be operated only with voice only, but it is convenient if you want to search by type. Echo Show Google Like PCs and smartphones, search results are displayed on the screen screen, find your favorite site and access. It is also attractive that it has the same functions as PCs and smartphones.

TV call

TV call using a screen And the biggest attraction is that you can make TV calls like Face Time only with voice. Most of Amazon's smart speakers have no calling functions, so this TV phone feature is exactly one of the biggest attractions of Echo Show. However, calls can only be used for those who have Echo Show and download the Alexa app. In my case, I couldn't try this feature because I had no other friends who had an Echo Show, but when I checked the videos using Echo Show on YouTube, everyone was excited. I enjoyed the function. One of the functions you will want to use in the future is that you can contact your family and friends only by voice, and to make calls while looking at your face. Of course, ordinary conversations are possible without Face to Face, so you can use it according to the situation.


The Echo Show sold in the United States is not compatible with Japanese. * Echo dots, which are sold in Japan, can be changed to Japanese even if they are purchased at Amazon in the United States. But it is possible to let the Echo show learn another language. For example, in the case of "What time is it?", Alexa guides the function of "what time now?" The frequently used functions can learn the language of your home country. When it is decided to be sold in Japan, it will be translated into Japanese ... (laughs)
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