Enterprise of Commerce Components by Shopify SHOPIFY is progressing

by Toyo Hirashima

Commerce Components by Shopify Abbreviation CCS, but it was officially announced by SHOPIFY in January 2023.

Until now, SHOPIFY PLUS was the top SHOPIFY's top plan, but as a more enterprise service, full customizable EC site construction and conversion use SHOPIFY's Component (parts, parts). Check -out customization seems to be the fastest store front.

First of all, there are already multiple cases in North America, but I would like to look at this.

1. Commerce Components by Shopify Introduced Companies Examples

Commerce Components by Shopify It is an introduction company, but first of all, it is introduced from North America.


JB Hi-Fi


Coty (It is unknown which brand it is used in the brand conqueromarit)

2. What services and integration can

Although it has not been clearly expressed yet, the Component's API can be freely accessed, so it seems like Uri can make the most effective use of existing tech stacks and the services that are already used on the enterprise maskers side. 。 There are logo such as sales forces and HubSpot, but I'm worried that linkage will be strengthened more than ever.

3. Functional advantage

  • Elimination of API call limit
    By eliminating the API call limit, it will be possible to design custom apps for linking with the in -house system flexibly.
  • STOREFRONT API response time on average 100ms
  • 99.99% Uptime
  • Priority access of new services
  • Exclusive account team
  • 24/7/365/technical support

It is not clear whether these will be guaranteed as SLA (Service Level AgreeMent), but there are many advantages to merchant with large distribution.

4. Partner in Commerce Components by Shopify

At the moment, the following major consulting SIers are like a partner.

EY Ernest Young

Accenture Accenture

Deloitte Digital Deloitte Digital


5. Is the introduction in Japan yet?

Commerce Components by Shopify, which still has little detailed information, will it appear in Japan as early as this year in Japan?

In any case, SHOPIFY has a big impression, including a large brand image, and has a great rudder on the enterprise.

It is going to be a year to keep an eye on changes in services for enterprise including HYDROGEN.



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