Comparison of SHOPIFY Subsque App "Recharge" and "GO SUB | Subscription | Subscription"


A subscription -type business model is one effective way to improve e -commerce sales. By introducing a regular purchase plan, it helps to stabilize profits and improve customer royalty and LTV. This time, we will compare the standard plan of "Recharge" of the SHOPIFY app store's sub -skull app with the "GO SUB | regular purchase | subScription" starter plan to explain in detail the characteristics and benefits of each.

About function

RECHARGE and GO SUB are both apps that allows you to immediately add a regular purchase plan on the SHOPIFY store.

Features of recharge standard plan

  • You can choose from the specified theme and design on the customer account page.
  • You can add regular purchased products to subcrypring orders.
  • You can also set other languages.
  • You can set custom delivery and taxes by region. In addition, multi -carencies are available.
  • We also support payment services such as Google Pay and Apple Pay.
  • RECHARGE has many extensions, can add and enhance functions with extensions, and there are many functions for global and major companies. In addition, the functions for large -scale EC operations are also substantial.

Features of GO SUB's starter plan

  • You can set the specified discount rate or discount price according to the cycle of each subscription. You can also customize and specify each subscription plan name.
  • You can create a subscription agreement from the app management screen for customers who previously purchased a subscription.
  • You can set a custom tag for customers and orders. It can be used when linking other services (KLAVIYO or LINE).
  • You can set the store business days and the number of lead days, and by setting business days and lead days, you can calculate the delivery date and time of the next order and display it on your account page. You can also set the custom delivery time zone, and you can specify the delivery date and time of the next order yourself.
  • Go Sub does not do delivery operations, but you can add delivery date and time as data to your order and work with other shipping services. (Can be linked with Japanese SHOPIFY apps such as Next engine, delivery date and time specified application)
  • GO SUB can be managed on the SHOPIFY management screen, and the app management screen is displayed in Japanese or English in the language of the SHOPIFY account, and you can easily set and provide regular purchase plans. In addition, there are many functions related to EC Practis, which are characterized by the specified delivery date, etc., and can be linked with applications such as delivery management for Japan.

About support

Recharge provides a comprehensive design documentation and is used, so you can quickly find resources online. If you have trouble, the excellent customer support team will be able to handle it.

GO SUB provides both English and Japanese support, and supports the theme and support for sub -skop setting free of charge. If you have any problems or unknown points, you can always email the app support and respond immediately. GO SUB adds new features every week, receiving feedback from users.

About the price

Recharge's standard plan cost is $ 99/month, plus 1.25% + 19 ¢ fee, GO SUB's star plan cost is $ 0/month, plus 3% fee. GO SUB is cheaper in terms of price, and GO SUB also offers a premium plan. The premium plan cost is $ 39/month, an additional 0.5%commission. There is no major effect on sales, and stable costs can be reduced within the budget.


Recharge and Go Sub are apps that can immediately add subscription options to the Shopify store. RECHARGE has a lot of sales and has many functions for global companies, and GO SUB provides functions and support for businesses that you want to introduce for the first time in Japan and the first time to introduce a subscription.

When choosing a sub -skop app, it is important to consider store needs, budget, customization importance, and support requirements. No matter which app you choose, you can contribute to business growth and customer experience!

If you are thinking of introducing GO SUB, please consult GORIDE once!

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