Comparison of EC by country (beauty industry in the United States)

by Mayu Mizoguchi

The top page that becomes the face of the homepage. I think that the design will be considered when building a site, such as "whether the customer can reach the desired information without hesitation," as well as "whether to focus on stories" or "Spot light on a product". This time, I would like to introduce the features and differences of EC top pages in the beauty industry in the United States. By the way, all the sites introduced this time are made in SHOPIFY!

Korean beauty EC

First, in the United States, Korean beauty products tend to be more recognized in the United States than Japanese beauty brands. The background is not only "the cheapness of the product" but also "being in view of overseas from the beginning of the brand in Japan", "I have" educated "American customers by clarifying skinke -steps. 。 As the Asian Beauty industry has been established as a pioneer in the beauty industry, I get the impression that the top page is conscious of "purchase".

For example, a Korean beauty curation site with an Instagram follower of over 370,000 people " SOKO GLAM " Next to the header is a product introduction section, and by placing categories such as skin type as well as best -selling in the section, the contact with the products that the customer is looking for is increasing.


Similarly, Korean beauty curation site " Peach & Lily However, it is an impression that many of the top pages are occupied by the entrance to the product/collection page.

Peach & Lily HP Peach & Lily HP

American beauty EC

The American Beauty EC site has a composition that focuses on "purchase" like the Korean beauty EC site. For example, a beauty brand derived from the popular beauty blog "INTO THE GLOSS" Glossier " It is characterized by its needs of needs based on communication with customer, and is extremely popular with the Millennium generation in the United States.

Glossier introduces products to the full screen by dividing the sections and makeup up to "skin care" and "makeup". The difference from the Korean beauty EC site is the design that stands out with the Add to Bag button and price. In addition, you can see textures and sizes in product photos. Due to the high recognition of the brand, there were some ideas that could be purchased more.

Glossier HP Glossier HP

Japan Beauty EC

While Korean and American beauty EC sites "show" products, what about Japan?

For example, "skin care products" Kitao " Although there is a "SHOP NOW" button, the specific gravity to the product individual is quite light throughout the top page. Instead, we carefully introduce the ingredients and how the main ingredients are effective for matcha. It may be its own product, but the attraction of Kitao is "clean beauty using matcha and Asai."

Kitao HP Kitao HP

Also, a Japanese woman started in San Francisco " H2O+ Is not only the header but also the original skin care 4 steps in the top page section.


Compared to South Korea and the American Beauty EC site, it may be a configuration that introduces brand concepts and commitments and "attracts" products.


South Korea and the United States Beauty EC site is well known, so it has been conscious of "purchase" through a lot of products to introduce a lot of products and put them in carts. Certainly, it may lead to more sales.

However, it can be said that the Kitao and H2O+introduced this time have a site configuration that takes into account the "expansion of Japanese beauty brands" in the United States and "differentiation from Korean beauty brands already developed in the United States". Is it not?

It may be a good idea to consider a site configuration that can differentiate while understanding the industry market in that country.


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