CHROME warns all HTTP access! I have always been waiting for SSL [2018/7]

Chrome has been recommended to use in SSL. In the 2014 update, it will be used for the ranking signal (preferential treatment for search results). For sites with input forms after the update in October 2017 CHROME 62A warning was already issuedHowever, from the July 2018 Chrome 68, it has been decided that the following warning will be issued as follows about access to all HTTP sites. Chrom Blog

I always waited for SSL

Until now, this update will have a completely better SSL update from the stage where SSL can be converted.
  • Over 68% of Chrome Traffic on Both Android and Windows is now Protected
  • Over 78% of Chrome Traffic on Both Chrome OS and Mac Is Now Protected
  • 81 of the Top 100 Sits on the Web USE HTTPS by Default
With the Chrome update from last year, the world's overall sites are constantly becoming SSL.
  • 68 % Windows and Android traffic is protected
  • 78%of Chrome Training (Chrome OS, Mac) is almost performed
  • 81 sites out of the top 100 sites are always compatible with SSL
It is reported that the situation has progressed to that point. There is a surprise that only 81 sites have been completed on the top 100 sites, but it seems that Chrome is also drastic to promote SSL. In addition, for mixed content that tends to be SSL, it will be added to Light House and installing a Chrome CANARY EXNTENTION to list the HTTP source and teaches you to make it easier to deal with Developer. By the way, it will be the world's browser share as of February 2018. 58 % and still overwhelming I'm worried about major EC sites in JapanmakeShop Is not it? It seems that new SSL -compatible reception has been suspended since August 2017. I would like to pay attention to what kind of movement will be in the future.

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